Plastic Injection Moulding- What You Need to Know


The life of an entrepreneur is full of challenges. If you have come up with an idea for an interesting product, you will first need to find someone who can create a prototype for you. Most entrepreneurs generally use crude tools to create a prototype on their own. However, before you start pitching the idea in front of investors, it’s important for you to have a solid, working prototype in hand. Manufacturing companies that specialise in producing different kinds of products generally use moulds in order to create the shape of the product.

Manufacturing the product isn’t as difficult as manufacturing the mould itself. The company’s designers handle the planning stages of the moulding, and they supplant the original concept design of the entrepreneur with their own set of ideas. However, if you approach any random manufacturing company, they will ask you to place a minimum order of several hundred products. That’s a stupid move, especially if you don’t even know whether the product will work or not.

Instead, one of the best options available to entrepreneurs is to opt for plastic injection moulding. Compared to other forms of moulding, plastic injection is significantly more affordable, quicker and best of all, will help you get a working prototype in your hands within a few days only.

How Does Injection Moulding Work?

When you first contact a company that specialises in plastic moulding, they will first ask you to show the designs of the product. Of course, many entrepreneurs are sceptical that their designs would be stolen. If you are doubtful, you can ask the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well. The company will check your designs for feasibility and then translate them using digital tools on the computer screen. This will allow the company to work on minor details and make sure that each and every detail has been worked out before the mould is created.

The injection mould will then be created based on specifications in the original design. Companies that offer injection moulding generally provide a full service to their clients, ranging from the design to the completion of the product. Once the initial prototype is completed, you can then approach investors and show them the product as well.


Compared to using other products such as metals, injection moulding is generally much more beneficial. One major benefit that it offers is that it’s relatively more affordable. That’s because plastic is cheaper and the process of injection moulding is also considerably easy to manage.

For an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get their product on the shelves as quickly as possible, using injection moulding is generally a better idea. There are very little initial costs involved, and you don’t have to worry about time delays either. The company will work closely with you to create the mould and the final prototype. Once you have the prototype in hand, you can then look to achieve your bigger goals and eventually set up a company! This could be the first step of a very long journey!

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