3 Tips to Save Time and Money When Shipping Goods


Any company that produces goods have to go through the hassle of shipping said products to their customers. Be it directly to the clients or to a warehouse (such as Amazon) for storage. If not handled correctly this can be a costly affair for entrepreneurs as shipping is often not taken into consideration when starting up a business. Issues like pallet delivery, international shipping and warehouse storage can be quite costly if not researched thoroughly. Let’s delve into a few scenarios where expenditures can be saved:

  1. Choose a courier that makes pick-ups at your location.

Having one of your employees transporting your goods to the nearest post office will take time off their schedule and will deduct from their productivity. This is especially true of your office is in a remote location. Many courier services have pick-up included in their service, so it’s something to look for when finding the right one.

  1. Use pallets for shipping efficiency.

Normal wooden pallets are a great way to save costs when shipping boxes or large objects. If you have a large number of boxes stack them on a pallet instead of shipping them individually. This will save both space and money.Using pallet delivery alsohas the added benefit ofusually making it easier for your courier to pick up and drop off your shipments.

  1. Establish transportation costs and charge-back policies.

It’s important to establish policies for when you, the company, pays for shipping and when the client does. Normally clients are willing to pay for special shipping, like overnight or express. Inform your sales and customer service staff to inform your clients about shipping costs, and make sure they are worked into the final price of your products. Usually it’s not recommended to make a profit on shipping, studies have shown that customers actually may switch provider if that happens.

There you have it, 3 quick tips for saving both time and money on your shipping. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a few simple steps to start with. For more information, we recommended you contact your preferred courier service.

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