3 UX Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rate Today


For online businesses running digital marketing campaigns, conversion (or conversion rate) is one of the most important metrics to monitor. Conversion is when traffic gets converted into actual sales, so it is easy to see why this is an important metric for online business owners.

There are ways to improve conversion rate too. You can, for example, tailor the targeting of your digital marketing campaign to reach the right audience. On the other hand, improvement to the user experience can help boost conversion rate almost immediately. Here are the three tips you can implement today.

Loading Time

Experts believe that internet users have a very short attention span. The average attention span, according to a recent study, is no more than eight seconds. I personally believe these conclusions aren’t entirely accurate; internet users simply have more options to choose from these days, so you have to stand out from the crowd more to actually get their attention.

One of the best ways to grab attention early and quickly is by improving your landing page’s loading time. Speed is a crucial factor in today’s user experience, which is why making serious improvements to the loading time can greatly influence your conversion rate.

Making improvements to the page loading time isn’t as complicated as you think either. There are simple steps such as optimizing images and limiting the use of unnecessary scripts that will speed up a page’s loading time by a substantial margin. It is an effort worth investing in for sure.

Use of White Space

When you have a lot of information to display on a web page, it is easy to make the layout appear cramped and uninteresting. Users don’t really like that; in fact, the majority of users will turn away from quality content when the page is too cramped or complicated to consume.

This is where using white space positioned strategically across the page comes in handy. By increasing the distance between lines to 1.5em, for example, you already improve the page’s readability by more than 50%.

Even top agencies such as 89 Degrees are now using white spaces strategically as a way to boost conversion. Adding space around product images and spacing web elements correctly are among the things you can do to boost user experience and improve conversion.

Call to Action

Many online business owners don’t really add a clear call to action to their online store for one particular reason: they don’t want to sound too pushy. Unfortunately, this is a classic mistake that hurts your conversion rate greatly.

There is nothing wrong with adding a clear call to action to a landing page; in fact, you should always have a clear CTA visible and differentiated from the rest of the page. When visitors see that CTA button immediately, the chances of them following through and completing the suggested action are much higher than you think.

As mentioned before, these simple improvements have great effects on your site’s user experience and the overall conversion rate the site produces. Use these top three tips today and see how much your conversion rate improves immediately.

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