Roller Shutters Are Dependable Commercial Installations


If you want to increase security for your business, you cannot go wrong by adding a roller shutter door for ingress and egress at a warehouse, retail, or factory site. Shutters that are made of heavy-duty galvanised or insulated steel can be installed at shipping and receiving sites. All the doors can be customised to fit just about any space.

A Popular Security Shutter

The most popular type of security shutter is made from galvanised steel and comes in a 22-gauge or 20-gauge thickness. The thickness depends on the area where the door will be fitted and its size. You can also have a door powder-coated or stylised to match the exterior of your building’s colour and design.

For example, perforated roller shutter doors are often featured at retail sites. By choosing this type of door, the customers can see display items after the store has closed. However, the doors still offer a high measure of security even if a business exhibits expensive items.

Where Insulated Doors Are Fitted

If your door needs insulation, steel insulated doors are designed for use at warehouses and factories. Although the doors are thicker, they still accommodate the same motorised setup and guides as their single-skin counterparts. The doors, which are configured to keep cold air out, feature an impenetrable weather seal on the bottom. Doors of this type are designed with interlocking steel components and are filled with energy-friendly insulating foam.

Stabilising the Door

You can order a commercial security door to face fix the exterior or interior of a building. When this type of installation is made, a canopy is required as well. Otherwise, a door can be installed using a combination of a reveal and face fix or set up between the reveal. To add to the door’s stability and durability, bottom rails are added that display an “L” or “T” design.

When making a choice for a roller shutter door for your business, it is best to carefully survey the selections online. Normally, a site will feature the more popular sizes used for security doors that display a roller shutter design. Bespoke doors can be ordered in both insulated and uninsulated styles; just talk to the retailer about your preference and needs.

Increased Security

A roller shutter door is often used for business purposes because it offers increased security. Not only does the door safeguard a company’s inventory but it can also be secured with one of a variety of locks.

Whilst a door made of galvanised steel normally will not rust, it will start to fade over time. To prevent any dulling, again, a powder-coated finish is applied. Doors can also be painted if desired. A coat of primer needs to be added first to ensure a professional-looking finish.

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