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5 reasons why gift cards are better than gifts


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The broader your social circle is, the higher is the frequency of giving gifts or tokens throughout the year. It is the most beautiful sentiment to shower your friends and family with the most legitimate gifts, every season or occasion. However, the sentiments and love attached to it should not be ignored. Few relationships in our lives are such that we cannot escape the fact that we are liable to present something on their big day – birthdays or anniversaries. Gift shopping is a strenuous task that requires careful observation of what are the receiver’s desires and taste.

With the boom in e-commerce and advanced technology, is helping to fuel the growth of gift card trends. Many shoppers look at gift cards, as a branded currency for their shopping – retail and online. Gift cards are used to buy whatever the recipient wants, depending on the gift card value and the place where it is issued. They come in different variations of currency, depending on where it was bought. Most of the younger generation would feel delighted on receiving a gift card by Best Buy, EB Games or Amazon having enough money to pay for their video games store or, for the infant’s clothes shopping.

There are multiple giants who are providing assorted face value gift cards, but the prepaid visa gift cards have a huge market where they can be used at any place, who accept credit cards. According to a survey, 43% of consumers are hoping to receive a gift card this season. This percentage is expected to increase in the future, and more people would prefer to give a gift card rather than buying an exclusive gift for their loved ones. Below are the top five reasons telling why this is that so?

1.    The recipient gets to choose    

Gift cards are going through a surge these days, due to the popularity among millennials especially. The most popular areas of floating gift cards are restaurants and departmental stores. However, few gift cards come with literally having the option of being used anywhere you want. The top recent for presenting the gift card to your loved ones is the liberty to get anything that you may like for yourself. Michael Kors jacket on sale or your favorite Tory Burch bag that you have been longing to get a hold of. Mostly it is difficult to analyze and come up to the conclusion of what the recipient appreciates the most as a gift. In fact, you cannot know what the other person is in need of. Indeed, the recipient would not be as joyful if you end up buying something as a gift that he or she already owns. These days’ people do not have the budget to buy anything for themselves. Hence, give them the liberty to buy something of their own choice by virtue of the gift card that you present.

2.  More personal than cash  

Even the thought of buying something for somebody else is quite overwhelming and stresses us a lot. If you are above the age of 45 and you are about to buy a gift for your millennial children all on your own, trust me, it will be a big mistake. The new generation is greatly exposed to the world more (through social media) than what we assume for us to know. Giving cash or gift does not seem personalized since these are very generic things to give it to somebody. Gift cards offer a more personalized experience, by offering a variety of brands to select from and that too at your own convenience. No matter how much you know the other person, but it’s very difficult to know what exactly they deem to acquire. The stress and pressure of selecting the best suitable gift is part of every event that we are planning to go to. Gift cards are more personalized for this reason and provide the freedom to select and shop.

3.   Money and time saver

Imagine if you are purchasing for a number of people at one go, during the holiday season for your nieces, nephews and younger siblings. It will take a great toll on you to decide first. Along with making a budget for each of your kin. If once decided than even you will have to make several rounds of shopping to stack up all the gifts for them. However, gift cards save a lot of your time that you can end up spending roaming to and from malls. In addition, the wrong side of the top that you might select for your niece would require an additional trip to the shop involving further fuel and your energy to do the task. Eventually, you end up paying more. Gift cards save money.

4.  No rush to buy   

Although there are few gift cards that come with an expiry, just like vouchers, many cards do not hold any restrictions on its usage. Even after receiving a gift card, the receiver does not have to rush to buy immediately for himself or herself. It is an open option for you to avail of it at your convenience. Some people save it for the rainy days when they are completely out on their monthly budget and plan to use it in getting their grocery items. The flexibility makes it the more attractive and legitimate gift that you can present to your loved ones.

5.  Handy gift

Another great reason for you to go for a gift card is to reciprocate your colleague or neighbors’ gift through an unexpected pop-up visit. You can easily buy gift cards online, which are also known as e-gift cards. It is the quickest and easiest way to do your holiday shopping without even leaving your home. Thanks to the technology that we are blessed with. You can also personalize your gift cards by selecting the graphics and personalized messages.


Gift-giving can be a stressful task and difficult to find the ideal gift for every person on your list. Gift cards can make your life easier. The main idea behind this great innovation is to provide hassle-free gift shopping and to have a sufficient amount for the receiver to make the shopping experience pleasurable and the satisfaction of buying whatever they want. Make your life easier by distributing equivalent value cards to all, yet leaving them with their own preferences.

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