Technical translation is one of the most complex and complete works in existence.


That is why, for its implementation, the support of a technical translation services in dubai or a specialized translator should be supported.

However, some advice that these professionals should contain may also be taken into account.

  1. Technical translators should be limited to translating content they know perfectly. This is because certain phrases may be unknown to translators, so translators should read the technical manuals several times and be convinced that they are fully capable of translating them.
  2. The translator should fully read the manual to be translated . This previous step can help you make a first conclusion about the document to be translated, which will save you time.
  3. Creating a glossary with the most common technical words will be very useful for harmonizing the terminology used. This way, in the long run, the translator can save time on similar work. These entries include the term in each language, its definition, examples of its use and illustrations.
  4. Using the advanced functions of TAO tools also serves as one of the key tips for making technical translations consistent and quality. In fact, most of these tools enable advanced quality controls to be performed, which become extraordinarily useful when translating technical manuals.
  5. The recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization , especially ISO 3864 which establish the translation of the hazard signaling terms, should be known and handled .
  6. The translator should ask clients if they have questions regarding the contents of the technical translation . Often this ignorance is the result of an error in the original document, so relying on customer control to do so is an addition.
  7. Have a good relationship on this and use the reference documentation. It is also interesting to discover parallel technical information in manuals and on the Internet, especially on the websites of the companies to which the technical translation to be performed corresponds.
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