7 Considerations to Find the Right Criminal Attorney


With so many criminal cases going on, and lawyers handling cases, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can be a tough ask for a normal person dealing with criminal offenses. You’re already under pressure with criminal offense, finding the right person can put more burden on you.

It can be a little bit easier if you start the search and hiring process systematically. This post shares 7 key tips in determining the right fit, and choosing the best criminal defense lawyer Brampton for your case.

  1. Number of Years in Practice

Someone with a fair number of years of experience, such as 10 years or more, would be preferred. Your future is too important to hand over your defense to a new law school graduate.

Regardless of the years in practice, the criminal lawyer should have an idea how good are the chances of getting you out from the lockups. Here, you can contact, Passi & Patel Brampton lawyer so that you can come out and think about the situation calmly.

  1. Number of Trials Handled

This is important because your lawyer should be familiar and confident with the process. The prosecution can sense that fear of going to trial, which can have a detrimental effect on possible plea bargaining for the client. Definitely, a lawyer who has tried 50 to 100 or more cases will maintain a stronger bargaining position.

  1. Number of Jury Trials Handled

Additional areas of expertise are needed in jury trial with facets like selecting jurors, and knowing how to be persuasive to jury members. As you can probably guess, more experience with jury trials is better than less. If your lawyer has handled 40 or 50 jury trials, he or she should have learned a lot about strategy in that area.

  1. Lawyers Experience and Certification

Some states recognize specializations in different areas of law and if a lawyer qualifies according to the state’s requirements, he can reflect that specialization in his marketing and advertising materials. If a criminal defence lawyer Brampton has achieved certification, you have an unbiased third party validation of her experience, instead of having to rely simply on what the lawyer says about her ability.

  1. How will He Communicate

Use the first consultation (which is often free, however be sure to ask ahead of time) to assess whether you will be comfortable and confident handing your case over to this person.

  1. Who’s Handling Your Case

This is important because some firms will have you talk to a lead lawyer initially and then give your case to a newer lawyer in the firm to handle. I believe a criminal charge deserves an experienced and seasoned lawyer, not someone just out of law school.

  1. Know the Billing Method

Obviously, it is better for you, the client, to get a flat fee. That way you know exactly how much you need to pay as opposed to being concerned that the lawyer is trying to string things along in order to increase his fees. Also, determine what is covered in the flat fee, such as does that fee cover fees for a trial or will there be additional costs for that?

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