How to Protect Women and Children from Violence


The existential uncertainty leads to various problems that primarily reflect violence. When the man in the family loses his job, he is not only economically threatened but also feels incompetent in their role. When they are not able to provide livelihoods, peace and stability in the family, these individuals often feel frustrated, tense and nervous and become aggressive. And no matter what kind of personality they have. Call Brian Today and let us know what you think.

His dissatisfaction has a negative impact on the to wife and children who are unconsciously being compared with those who are “successful” which only increases the negative feelings. Doing this in front of children will also have negative influence on the way they grow up and what kind of individuals they become. In order to improve the situation, institutions send these individuals to anger therapy making sure that the other members of the family are protected.

The violence between partners affects the young girls and middle-aged women. Violence by fathers is usually performed over very young girls and women. This directly affects their mental health and ability to develop social and communication skills. These girls often find it very hard to believe in other people because they are used to seeing negativity around them and violence.

The family as an institution and it should be respected as such, but there are many problems that cause significant change. Difficult financial situation leads to the fact that children sometimes become more aggressive, and parents helpless. Yes, that is right. It is a fact that there are many men who abuse their women, but the violence against parents often remains hidden. No one really talks about it, but it is very common and occurs almost in every country around the world.

Parents are often ashamed to report their children, so in most cases these things remain hidden within the family.

In order to solve the problem of domestic violence it is necessary to ask for a professional help and support from the whole family and friends.

Physical injuries may heal, but the mental injuries may last forever. Regardless of whether you are a person who gets abused by a child or a partner, make sure you report the problem immediately. This is not something that should be hidden. If you do not try to solve the problem, be sure that it won’t disappear magically.

Society should get more involved in schools, of course with the help of the Ministry of Education, conducting continuous education of children about love and partnership, and in this context that any relationship that is based on fear, not love.

But the first step to a solution to the problem is to report it and ask for a professional help from a therapist. Both you and your partner can go and visit the places that provide legal help in regards to this issue. Face the problem, do not run away from it, it won’t get fixed by itself.

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