7 Reasons why a Taxi Can Never Beat your Own Driven Rental Car


Taxis are one form of private transport hire, and while they have their uses, calling a cab cannot be compared to renting a car. The added convenience of having one’s own transport makes hiring a much better option, and if a person is uncertain whether to call a cab or hire a car, here are some reasons why the taxi falls short of requirements.

  1. A taxi will arrange to pick up the client at an agreed location, and then take them to their destination. This is ideal if one only requires a single trip, perhaps one is returning from an overseas trip, and needs a taxi to return home, where the car is waiting.
  1. Taxis charge waiting time, and are very often unwilling to deviate from the original agreement, so if a person has a change of heart, or wishes to alter the destination, it is often not possible, due to the taxi driver’s busy schedule.
  1. Calling a cab can take a while, and they are not the most reliable people in the world. At airports and other busy places, it isn’t hard to call a cab, but in other, more remote locations, it takes time, and if one is in a hurry, being late is on the cards. Hiring a car eliminates this, and if one is travelling a lot, it is often a cheaper solution than taking taxis everywhere. Contact http://www.acerent.com.au/ for the cheapest car rental in Perth, and with an extensive range of vehicles, there will be something just right.
  1. Long distances become expensive in taxis, and Western Australia isn’t exactly small. If one wanted to really see and experience Perth and the surrounding areas, taking taxis will invariably work out to be an expensive option. One tends to feel ill at ease when asking a taxi driver to wait for a while, and with parking restrictions, he or she will often refuse and leave you stranded. If one hires a car, time is no longer of the essence, and a person is free to travel when and where they choose.
  1. If it is a holiday, then the group might just want to explore, with no particular destination in mind, and this kind of travelling does not really fit in with the taxi’s way of working. They prefer to have a fixed destination and will get there as fast as possible, in the hope of picking up another fare afterwards.
  1. Taxis can take time arriving, and if the trip is known about in advance, it is easy enough to call a cab, but in the event of a sudden decision to go somewhere, a person is immediately at the mercy of the cab company, and they can take up to 30 minutes to arrive, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.
  1. For sheer freedom of movement and convenience, a hired car beats a taxi every time. There are the odd occasions where a taxi might be a better choice, such as a single journey to the airport, but more often than not, hiring a vehicle is a much better option.

Modern car hire is both cheap and reliable, so consider this option rather than hailing taxis whenever one wishes to go somewhere, and the added comfort and convenience will make one glad to have chosen a rented option.

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