9 Tips for Creating Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is an important constituent for generating brand recognition. It improves a lot of factors such as sales, cash flow, as well as enhancing your interaction with customers. By successfully building brand awareness through means such as promotional compendiums, social media presence and giveaways and various other promotional compendiums etc. you can gain a base of loyal customers that know they can count on you regardless of the circumstances. It is extremely crucial in the early stages of a product’s lifecycle because it is going to decide if your brand is going to be popular or not among the target audience.

To get things going, you need to expose your product to a far-reaching audience in the best possible way. The whole brand awareness thing can be summarized in the following line; If I do not know you, why would I buy from you? If you create a product or service but do not expose it to the limelight, no one will reach you regardless of how good the product is. Customers would not just start appearing out of nowhere. With the rise in competition, it is becoming tougher for new business owners to generate any sort of recognition for their brands.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness may seem like an ambiguous idea, but it is not. Just because you cannot measure it physically does not mean it carries no value. It plays a vital role in business success. Without proper brand awareness achieving, marketing goals become nigh impossible to achieve. We are living in a world where the customer relies on researches and other peoples’ opinions. Once you can successfully engage with your customer, the chances of him repeating business with you sky-rocket, this greatly bridges the gap between consumer and the producer. This brand/human bond works in the same way that humans build trust with each other.

If you are having troubles creating brand recognition, here are some straightforward strategies that will help you generate brand awareness for your product or service.

  1. Target A Specific Audience

Your services or products should be catered towards a specific group of people. This makes it way more unique and intriguing. By specifying your target audience, you can develop your marketing and brand awareness strategies accordingly. Invest time in learning about their personas and make them feel as if you care about them. They will surely follow. It is better to have a large percentage of a small audience rather than a small percentage of a large audience.

  1. Run Advertisements On Social Media

Thirty-five percent of the consumers utilize social media to find new services, products and brands. This means that a large portion of your customers will come from online sociability. Use specific phrases and keywords to target your audience. Try using taglines that cater towards your audience, pain points and challenges. Use your targeted audience’s persona and run advertisements accordingly. Target one or two social media platforms then slowly progress your way up. Advertisements are arguably the fastest way to get noticed, which will lead to greater brand awareness among people.

  1. Leaving an Impact On Your Audience

Consider your audience as a group of friends that you are meeting for the first time. When you meet a new person, you like to discover more about them. Their hobbies, likes, dislikes, passion, and what gets them excited etc. These are the qualities that your brand must determine and target. Your brand will need to define itself if it wishes to leave an everlasting impact on the target audience. You need to make people believe that your brand is different from the rest. Else why would they even bother?

  1. Make It More Accessible

Whatever you are offering, make the sharing process for your audience feasible and accessible. This can include a product review video, blogpost articles, social media posts or even sponsored content. Whatever is related to your product make it shareable and accessible. Word of mouth marketing can do wonders when it comes to creating brand awareness. People are more likely to act on recommendations of a close friend or family member. If you make accessing your posts and stuffs easy, chances are more people will get to know your brand.

  1. Become A Sponsor

You must have attended a lot of music festivals, exhibitions and sports events etc. They are usually possible only because of brand sponsorships. Becoming a sponsor is a shortcut to getting your brand noticed in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers that might be your potential target audience. From compendiums, banners, water bottles to t-shirts, backpacks and koozies your brand will be getting infinite amounts of exposure.

  1. Create A Personality for Your Brand

You should treat your brand as an entity by defining a narrative for your brand. Now you need to fuse this narrative with your marketing efforts. If your brand has a personality, it will start to look apart from its competition and in the process, generate a lot of awareness.

  1. Address Your Customer Weak Points

Your potential customers are looking for solutions in various places. Find out where these conversations are taking place and become an active participant. Try helping people rather than imposing your product on them. Invest some time in finding additional blogs and forums related to the niche your product tends to cover. After successfully identifying your customer weak-points, market and advertise your services or product accordingly.

  1. Create A Website

If your brand is not getting enough recognition, chances are it is because you do not have a website for it. Having a website is a sure way to stand out and maintain regular traffic flow. While designing a website be varying of the keywords you use and make sure you utilize various search engine optimization tools. Use vibrant and catchy themes without hindering the user-friendly experience to attract more customers.

  1. Giveaways and Freebies

Who does not love giveaways and freebies? Sensible business owners always exploit this marketing strategy to generate brand recognition. At first, it may seem like a loss, but if it manages to create any sort of awareness, it becomes extremely profitable in the long run. If you want to greatly increase your chances of creating brand awareness using this strategy, you need to ensure that the giveaways and freebies are useful for your target audience in some way.

The Bottom Line

You are sure to boost your brand awareness if you implement these marketing strategies. Keep in mind your product’s strengths and weaknesses. You just need that little spark to boost your product into stardom. Focus on the tiniest of details and keep track of everything you do and always make room for any necessary improvements.

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