How Custom Printing Can Help Create Brand Awareness


A few years ago, the digital custom printing technology set a place in the market. It has developed the printing technology up to quite high levels of quality in terms of resolution. We could almost say that a common printing user would find it difficult to find the differences between a sheet printed by an offset machine from one printed by a digital one.

Scope of technology

Due to the full range of advantages, the method of printing is preferred in the manufacture of these types of products:

Personalized printed products, such as invitation, greeting cards, registered letters, corporate, souvenir products have become the need of several people around. Custom printing includes images on non-standard media – textiles, plastic, metal, flags, t-shirts, emblems, plates, leaflets, booklets, calendars, flyers, and other products in both large and small print runs. Sustainable long-term pictures on the fabric will resist to repeated washing, ultraviolet radiation, and other aggressive influences. If you want to get brand printing services, custom printing is an amazing recommendation for you.

High quality, low cost, and minimum production time put digital printing out of competition, which is extremely important in the manufacture of small print runs.


Key components of brand strategy

  1. Brand promotion strategies – a long-term development plan helps the company to navigate and decide on steps in the future.
  2. Brand advertising strategy – part of a brand strategy, helps in determining the ways of advertising a company.
  3. Brand positioning strategies are one of the main components of a brand strategy. It helps to understand consumer behaviour. It also guides to understand the position of the brand itself in the market and the position relative to competitors.

Developing a brand strategy helps to organize risk management:

Taking measures to minimize risks and ways to avoid them, as well as a description of steps to eliminate their consequences.

Strategic market analysis performs the following functions:

Market analysis determines and subsequently expands the sales in the market and also helps identify the target audience. Market analysis, in this case, consists of several stages:

  • Determination of the market structure
  • Calculation of market volumes
  • Determination of market demand

The basis of the strategy of any brand is to identify the key basic elements without which the development and existence of the brand are impossible. Things you must consider for branding are the target audience, brand benefits, and communication strategy.

Brand concept

The brand concept describes the functional idea underlying the brand. It determines the urgent needs of society and then the brand will solve it by its uniqueness and novelty. It leads to the popularity of the brand.

Target audience

A clear description and segmentation of future brand consumers by identifying their true needs. Interests and problems will allow you to build a truly strong and effective brand strategy.

Unique selling proposition (USP) of a brand

Differentiating your brand qualitatively from competitors, a functional solution, service, or another revolutionary proposal makes your product indispensable.

Brand communication strategy

Determine the most effective communication channels for your targeted audience. Concentrate on the formation of effective communication messages, as well as the entire visual and communicative image of the brand. It includes the development of the brand name, logo, and corporate identity.

Brand value proposition

The formation of a complex blend of rational and emotional benefits of the brand that represents the maximum value for its target audience.

Brand strategy implementation tactics

Development of a set of tools and techniques for the practical implementation of the developed brand promotes strategy.

Measurement, KPI, and control

Development of a measurable system of performance indicators allows you to monitor the implementation of the development strategy of your brand.

Promotion for branding by custom printing

Promotion of your brand!

If we compare digital printing vs. offset printing, we would see that the first one is cheaper in the short run. They allow adjusting the cost following the real needs of communication. You can learn more about brand printing by following this guide. They always have updated printed materials. For example, a company has a network of 30 companies. After every 3 months, they renew the product portfolio. They also print 30 catalogues in digital printing. Moreover, they have an excellent sales tool that is continuously updated.

Types of brandings

Business card for branding

The ethics of business relations is to exchange business cards when you meet other professional. A business card is a style, presentation, and sustainability of the company. Professionals combine these characteristics. Individual business cards with company symbols and special printing for top managers contribute to the promotion of the branding. Middle managers distribute business cards to a huge number of people. The company orders them in an economy version, but also with individual data. In addition to symbolism, the products contain the necessary information that is easy to read and laconic.

Corporate branding

A positive image of an organization includes behavioural stereotype of its employees, especially when working with clients and partners. Standards of communication and interaction with the media, and former business partners, suppliers, and customers are specified in the corporate policy of the company. The visual perception of the corporation is based on its name, logo, design concept, and brand book used.

A brand gets more exposure when the company’s products, services, and employees interact with the outside world. Office, retail, and industrial premises are part of the corporation’s brand. They are designed in the appropriate colour scheme. Corporate business cards without individual data are used as ordinary reminders of the company. It is important to observe a combination of accessible information with recognition. Business cards developed by professionals create a memorable image of the company.

Personal or personnel branding

Creating an individual brand is a technique used in political technologies and promoting corporations, products with a negative image (cigarettes, strong alcoholic drinks).

A personal brand includes the natural behaviour of a person and the characteristics of which are given a positive connotation. Most often, a person’s promotion strategy is based on positioning a person as a leader against a background of a successful but less vivid environment. Moreover, you should describe the business you are associated with and highlight the high level of professionalism.

A personal brand is associated with a specific person. Therefore, it does not depend on the stability and level of profitability of companies in the economic situation in the market. Having a well-built personal brand and reinforcing it with good results, you can constantly change the scope of activities.

Retail branding

Promotion in the field of retail involves activities aimed at creating a single, positive, and attractive image of the retail network. Such events are held before launching a new network, expanding the previous one, and targeting a new market niche.

The retail brand is expressed in:

  • Packaging of goods with brand logo print
  • Features of pricing policy
  • Loyalty programs for regular customers
  • Sales system

The design of the trading floors of the retail network is subject to a single style. The goods are located with a certain logic. When visiting any store on the same network, the buyer should quickly navigate the trading floor, as soon as possible after finding the goods he needs.

Traditional outlet branding uses vibrant color combinations, printed logos, and affordable advertising messages. Premium retailers focus on quality. Retailer’s advertising strategy and branding are more functional since they create a perception of the brand as superior.


Custom printing is the best alternative at large for printing needs. For the branding of any product, you need to custom print with the usage of high-quality. The digital printing is a world that has seen spectacular development in recent years. Today different technologies coexist under the same name.

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