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A Contractor’s Guide to Choosing a Supplier in Vancouver

As a driveway installation technician or company, you have to choose the best gravel supplier in Vancouver and natural stone supplier for your paving needs. Whether paving a new driveway for a homeowner, repaving a parking lot for a business, or doing anything in between, the right supplies are essential to high quality services. When choosing a supplier, ask the right questions, and know what is out there, so you can find the best rates, and high quality supplies needed for any job.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a supplier is finding a reputable, well-known, highly regarded company. If you need natural stone, look for a supplier that is highly regarded for the quality of stone they carry in their shop. Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of gravel, cement, mixers, paving stones, and any other supplies you are going to need for the job. If hundreds of local companies rely on a particular gravel supplier in Vancouver, there must be a reason for it. Make sure you know which local suppliers are highly regarded and most well-known for the quality of their supplies.

As a contractor you also have to compare pricing. Do you really want to pay an excessive amount for the same exact quality and quantity of supplies you need? Of course not. But, many suppliers will charge double, sometimes more, for the same exact supplies. When choosing a supplier, cost of products is something you should always compare. Look for suppliers that offer commercial contractors a discount. Find suppliers that will offer a discount for repeat or frequent customers. Not only will it result in lower prices for you as a business, it also means you know you are dealing with a reputable supplier.

Inventory is another factor to consider. If a supplier is always out of the natural stone you use when paving driveways, can you rely on them for this or other supplies? Of course not. When comparing suppliers, compare the inventory they maintain in stock. Find out if they can do frequent deliveries if you are constantly busy on job sites. If you need large bulk orders, can they deliver them on time? If you can’t come in to the store, can they deliver to you on a job site? Knowing you can rely on a supplier and that they always have what you need in stock (when needed) is extremely important for contractors who want to deliver quality services to their customers.

Many suppliers are available when it comes to paving, stone, and other supplies needed by local contractors who work on driveways and do other paving services. Whether you are a residential, industrial or commercial contractor, you have to know the supplier you choose is always going to be able to deliver the right supplies, in the right quantity, when and where you need them. But before choosing a supplier, you have to compare several well-known, highly regarded companies. This ensures you will always have what you need as a contractor and will always find the best prices for supplies you purchase through those suppliers.

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