Air transportation – pros vs cons


Air transportation involves both, carrying of passengers as well as freight. Many companies today depend on air transportation for transporting their goods from one place to the other. The reason companies highly depend on this mode of shipment is because they are faster. Though heavy duty goods are still carried by rail, road and ship transports, but if your company deals in light freight, then air transportation is the best option.

Using airplane transportation is more advantageous than other shipping methods and is the most preferred method of shipment for freight. There are various reasons as to why companies should this mode of transportation for freight movement. Like other methods, even air transportation has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before making your selections consider them carefully.

  • Speed – This is the biggest and primary reason for companies to choose air transportation for freight movement. Air travel is always considered as the fastest mode of transport and hence it quickly becomes suitable for them if they want to deliver shipment on time.
  • Safety and Security – Another good reason for choosing airplane shipping is that it is very safe. Your goods are protected from external exposures completely and hence, safe from all kinds of damages. So if your company deals in products like perishable items, then you can choose temperature variation service to keep your good fresh.
  • Unbroken journey – This is also another reason why people choose this mode. Since there are not many or rather no options for an airplane to stop in the midway, therefore it gets easier to deliver the shipment in time.

Though these advantages are enough to explain why you should prefer air shipment, but there are some negatives of using these transportation methods as well.

  • Expensive – this mode of transportation is usually chosen by big companies because of its costs. But looking at the advantages, this disadvantage completely outweighs the costs because in today’s time quick and safe deliver is the key to a company’s success
  • Low capacity – So if you are planning to transport heavy duty goods, and then air transport should not be your choice because an airplane can carry upto certain capacity.
  • Weather obstacles – rough weather can disrupt air travel to a great extent. Flights can get delayed due to heavy storm, rain or snow. But weather is an obstacle in all kinds of transportation methods, so it actually not much of a disadvantage.

The advantages are much more convincing when it comes to airplane ship,but it is always good to be informed about all the sides.

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