Important things you need to know before moving your mobile home


Shipping is a big pain for anyone. Moving from one place to other with all your belongings is a tough job. But things have become easier since the inception of mobile houses. There are many places in US today where mobile homes are very common. One of the biggest advantages of owning a mobile house is that you can ship the entire house without making changes in your arrangements. It is like picking your house and putting at a new place.

So if you are in a place where mobile houses are very common then these places are more likely to have mobile home moving companies that help in entire home movement from one place to the other. Some companies just deal in hitching to the truck and hauled to a new place, while some companies would deal in entire house movement. Right from packing your stuff to unpacking and stacking, they provide every service. Obviously, the cost of taking the latter option is costly than the other and hence should be told to the shipping companies what kind of services you require.

Moving a mobile home requires lot of consideration. Depending on the location you are moving, the mobile home moving companies would offer you quotations and according to your needs, you can pick the best fit for you. Here is some vital information that you should know about mobile home moving service:-

  • Mobile home movement involves lot of registrations and licenses from the government of the state you are moving from and from the place you are moving to
  • The mobile house that needs to be moved should be strong enough to move from one place to another. Since mobile house movement service would involve dismantling the whole structure, remodel it at new place and set it up.
  • Until the movement the house would be in possession of the mover
  • Right of shipping the house hold goods as well as an order for permanent change.
  • Services should include foundation, water lines, siding, plumbing, electrical work, drain lines, countertops, cooling and heating, gas lines, cabinets, doors, windows, ceiling, roofing, skirting, floorings, earth quake systems and other appliances

Depending on the amount of work required and the distance, the companies would give you quotations. You should always take quotations from atleast 3 to 5 different companies, compare the prices, services and check the reliability factor before making your final decision.

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