All about stress balls

Anti-stress balls help to reduce stress and anger in certain situations but are not a substitute for the necessary and health-promoting exercise that is also recommended for reducing stress (e.g. jogging, yoga, boxing)

Anti-stress balls are ideal for motor skills and dexterity training and are suitable for young and old.

Anti-stress balls are inexpensive tools that can help reduce stress. They are commercially available in various forms and types but are also relatively easy to make yourself. You can also get custom stress balls according to your preference.

Anti-stress balls are not only suitable for counteracting stress, but also train your fingers for more grip strength, e.g. for climbing or bodybuilding. The balls serve all purposes of training the finger, hand or forearm muscles.

In addition to reducing stress, these balls are also suitable for improving your finger mobility or if you want to restore the function of your finger and forearm due to an illness or an accident.

Stress balls are made of natural, non-toxic foam and, thanks to the printed faces, offer fun training to strengthen the muscles of the fingers, hands and forearms. You can also use them for rehabilitation or physiotherapy.

You can smash the Anti Stress Ball against a wall or on the floor, or simply knead, crumple or squeeze in your hands. This brings your body back into balance, relieves tension in the muscles and soothes your nerves.

An anti-stress ball may not solve your conflicts with colleagues or problems, but it can calm you down so that you can clear your head again.

How and when is an anti-stress ball used?

As the name suggests, an anti-stress ball is used to counteract or reduce stress.

If you feel nervous or stressed, you can always use the ball and calm down by kneading, squeezing, throwing or juggling the ball.

Since anti-stress balls are often compact, you can always have them at hand anywhere.

Who is an anti-stress ball suitable for?

Since every person experiences stress in life, he is also suitable for everyone; Women, men and children. Such balls are even available for beloved pets. They can help people to reduce anxiety and stress. As well as they can release the stresses. So they are quite helpful for people who are facing stresses in their lives.

What are the effects of an anti-stress ball?

In everyday life, we ​​find ourselves again and again in situations that increase our stress level and cause our pulse to skyrocket.

It is therefore important to reduce this pent-up stress. Otherwise, health problems, such as high blood pressure can arise over time.

When it gets stressful in the office, anti-stress balls can help to clear your head. Since anger and stress are in principle, nothing other than pent-up energy, the best way to let them run free is to exercise and so exhaust you.

Since it is not always possible to go to the gym or take a quick lap around the block, anti-stress balls are the helpers in need and therefore an ideal solution for in between.

Anti-stress balls can help to rebalance, relieve muscle tension and keep a cool head in stressed situations.

Depending on the colour, a ball can have different effects on you. For example, a blue or green ball has a calming effect; a yellow one can lighten your mood.

What does an anti-stress ball cost?

The prices of anti-stress balls vary widely in the market. Depending on the provider and type of ball, you can buy several anti-stress balls in one pack. Here is an approximate price for a good anti-stress ball:

Where can I buy an anti-stress ball?

The Anti Stress Ball is a popular and widely used product. You can, therefore, find and buy it in many branches and online shops. You may even find some in your pharmacy or drugstore.

Anti-stress balls are an inexpensive and effective way to reduce stress. However, they are only to be considered as a solution in between, because they do not replace the necessary and health-promoting movement.

Types of Anti-stress balls

There are various types of anti-stress balls. If you want to buy an anti-stress ball, you have the following types, between which you can choose:

  1. Anti-stress ball made of plastic
  2. Squeeze or kneading ball
  3. Hacky sack
  4. Homemade anti-stress ball

What distinguishes a plastic anti-stress ball, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Anti-stress balls made of plastic are the classics among the stress balls. Mostly they are made of foam and are available in different shapes and colours.

Such balls are also popular promotional items and corporate gifts because they can also be printed on.

How a squeeze or kneading ball is made, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A squeeze ball is a fairly popular type of stress ball. The so-called “squishy mesh balls” are balls with a slimy content, which are packed in a net.

If you squeeze the ball, the mass comes through the net and small bubbles form. When you let go, the ball bounces back to its original shape. So that you can better imagine this, here is a video:

Kneading balls are cheap stress balls that can change their shape, meaning you can knead and squeeze them as you like. Mostly they are also printed with funny faces or have a head of hair, as you can see in the following picture.

Material and filling

When it comes to the material, you should also consider what and how often you want to use the ball.

If you fell back on it often, a plastic ball would be a good choice; as such anti-stress balls are longer and more useful. You can hit such a ball against the wall or the floor, crush it or just have it in your hand when you are much stressed. If you want to play with an anti-stress ball playfully, a hacky sack is perfect for your needs.

How to make a homemade stress ball?

You can use a variety of things for your stress ball. However, most do-it-yourself videos recommend using balloons and filling them with flour, rice or toothpaste.

You can choose the colour and type yourself and design the ball according to your ideas and preferences.


Stress balls come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Many surveys and studies indicate that they are useful in combating stress. May it be work-related or for any other matter.

Printed stress balls are the best option as the pictures on them might make you laugh and forget about the stress and exhaustion in your daily life.

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