How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity in 2020


If you have even a little contact with the world of marketing, you are aware of this phenomenon, and it is indeed very common to hear about branding these days. In short, a brand identity can be defined as the combination of elements that make up the process that encompasses the construction of a brand.

Brand building generally consists of 5 phases:

  • Investigation
  • Strategy Definition
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Creation of contact points
  • Brand Asset Management

Each of these phases is necessary for the next one to take place and to ignore phases represents a potential risk for the final product, which can result in an ineffective investment.

Here are some amazing tips for building unique brand identity in 2020:


It is the starting point of any brand. All-powerful brands have been built from a clear and ambitious business vision. If a brand represents a particular point of view about a product and a market, the vision is exactly working as a fuel for the brand building. The vision translates a brand proposition that expresses it in terms of value to the audience. If you want to get great ideas for your brand, creative agency Sydney is a great recommendation for you.


It is clear that without consistency, there is no branding. You need to consider everything, from great things to small details, all parameters are interlinked. It is aligned with the concept of the value proposition of the brand. For branding, you must ensure that there is reliability between what you say and what you do. You must be consistent on work and all communications with costumers. Consistency is the litmus test of brands because it evaluates their authenticity.


Building a powerful brand requires working many times against the current leadership of any other brand. The usual dynamics of companies do not generally lead to care and build the brand. Most organizations are centralized. They work on short-term contracts which lower the risks. Organizational dynamics is also resistant to change in organizations. They are some of the challenges that brands must overcome. That is why building a brand requires a great capacity for leadership, conviction, mobilization, enthusiasm, and participation. This can only be achieved if the CEO is the first promoter of the brand. It also happens efficiently if there is a CBO (brand manager) in the organization that has sufficient leadership capacity, attributions, and resources.


You cannot build a unique brand if you do not have sufficient knowledge of brand building. It is a necessary condition to build a powerful and consistent brand for your company. You must be committed with your working and do not stop making an effort until your brand becomes famous. Commitment and consistency towards your work will offer you a successful brand on your hands.


The association of brand and business must be absolute and flow in both ways. The brand must inspire the business, and the business must nurture the brand. This means the idea that defends the brand must be a real inspiration for everything that the company does and says. On the other hand, the business must give up policies, decisions, and behaviours that go against the brand (although some may be profitable in the short term). The brand should not face a communication problem. Although it is an essential form of communication available to a company. However, in business, communication problem occurs with clients sometimes. You can learn more about brand building here.


The efforts put in the strategic definition in the global expression will be effective for the formation of internal brand culture. In global management, it will be successful as they serve to generate a memorable and significant experience for the clients.

To be successful in managing the experience, you have to think about all the stakeholders and all the points of contact with your products. It is also very useful to analyze the entire Information that includes Purchase-Use-Recall cycle. Generating significant experiences and putting special attention to those supports and moments will be great for your future brand.


Powerful brands have the challenge and the opportunity to help and give this world new and better things. At a time when the trust of the community towards governments, institutions, and companies increases, they all need an appropriate economic model. You need to be more responsible and more social with the customers. Companies maintain social pressure towards their brands that can be the spearhead of economic and social change in the coming years. If you can take advantage of this opportunity, you can achieve the success of your brand easily. You must be social and be committed to your consumers.

It is a fact that consumer’s attention towards your brand matters a lot when it comes to recognition of the brand. This is how your product gets more exposure. You must create a place of your brand into people’s mind that will help you to spread your brand in many places.


Closely linked to this process of brand socialization, content is the big variant in branding. Brands should be truly useful, make people’s lives easier and serve as platforms to express and share your ideas and values ​​with others. Naturally, the product or service are things in the brands that will add value to your company. If your content is good, it will help your brand to grow faster. Content is the basic thing that all people see before buying your product or having your services. So it is necessary to create amazing content for your brand.


In the 21st century, we cannot continue managing brands as we did in the 20th century. Today brand managers need advanced tools that allow them to be at the centre of processes and manage all resources, elements, inventories, actions, and budgets. Generally, everything that concerns the brand in a centralized and shared way. The email, the CDs, the pdfs and the phone are inefficient. Do not allow traceability of the processes and do not make it possible for the competitors to share and learn from your brand. To manage brands, there are advanced platforms that help to make your brand famous and give great content ideas for your brand.


You can measure the degree of implementation of the strategy in any part of the company. Although we speak for intangible value, the tangibility clearly manifests itself in different ways. In terms of higher growth, higher margins, lower risks, and greater income sustainability.

What is the management of the measurements? So there are numerous measurement and listening tools that allow you to generate indicators and to evaluate the health and growth of the brand. Logically, you should review these indicators periodically.


Creating your brand is a time-consuming, interesting, and comprehensive process that can make the company famous. Besides, branding also increases high-profits with the professional implementation of all stages. You do not need to worry about your branding if you contact the professionals. These professionals will take on all the difficulties and will accompany you at all stages of brand building.

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