Amazon Advertising: 5 effective strategies for campaign structuring


Most of the sellers think that registering their products on Amazon will lead them to greater turnover and profits. But in reality that is not the case at all. The process of selling your products does not stop at registering just amazon. Rather it is just the beginning of a long and structured process. Structuring campaigns for product advertisement is not child’s play. With the help of Amazon Advertising Services and an effective strategy developed around it, you can take your advertising and campaign structuring to an unprecedented level.


Let us briefly discuss some major benefits of Amazon advertising services.

  • You will be able to gain more insights into your product market
  • There is always an ideal type of advertisement for every product, you will be able to identify that
  • You will be able to define modish advertising goals that are related to your business
  • With the help of amazon advertising services and relevant tools, you will be able to monitor your budgets, optimize and target your bids
  • You will also be able to increase your ROIfrom advertisements

Campaign Structuring

Amazon is one of the best and most consistent retail platforms in the world. Due to this sole reason, sellers often find it hard to create successful advertising campaigns. The advertisement strategies without using the amazon advertising services do not generate much revenue. Therefore, it is important to think and carefully strategize your advertisement campaigns. Take expert help and opinion if needed, because it is far better than losing your advertising budget and money in open sight. Here are 5 important and highly effective strategies for campaign structuring for sellers who are trying to generate revenue using amazon advertising services.

Properly categorized products

To create a successful amazon advertisement campaign, it is important to properly categorize your products that will generate your ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number). A seller’s aim here will be to manage hundreds of different ASINs and categorize them into a manageable list. The categories created by the seller will help bidding strategies, campaign structure and reporting of the campaigns.

The seller should create the category based on the type of item. This is important because the rest of the campaign structuring will be based upon the structured category of the product. It will help to streamline reporting and grouping advertisements easier.

Rank Optimization using Amazon PPC

Using the Amazon PPC (pay per click) sellers can increase the rank and position of their product when a certain keyword is searched by a customer. For ad campaigns, at least three sets are necessary entangling bids, budgets with a significant variation.

Target ASINs for immediate sales

The purpose of an ASIN is to serve as a unique identification number for your products as well as your competitors’ products. Smart buyers use these ASIN numbers to identify and search for these products, rather than simply using normal search terms. This is the sole reason why your Amazon ads should target ASINs.

Keep a long term target

For every Amazon seller, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is very important. Using different sets of data and tools like Amazon MWS, machine learning, Amazon analytics and algorithms, amazon software can estimate the CLV of your customer. You can use this data to create an effective advertisement strategy.

Ad campaigns according to product performance

Generally, we create ad campaigns according to the performance of the keywords. But it is also a good idea to structure ad campaigns based on the product performance. Using this method you will significantly reduce the ACoS of your campaigns.

A properly structured campaign structure can increase your product valuation. On the other hand, without it, your product will be lost because just like you there are other sellers who are also trying to get their products sold. It would be a good idea to hire an agency that can expertly guide, construct and make use of the Amazon advertising services tools. Visit the link to know more.

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