Haulage Services – Various Haulage Services That Shipping Companies Provide


One of the major influences behind the success of the international shipping industry is the line of shipping companies that offer end-to-end solutions to every trader. While budding traders get every help needed in the shipping process, established traders can share the burden with them efficiently. Out of all the tricky tasks and businesses handled by the leading shipping companies, haulage services are the most undermined services. Yes, we fail to realize its significance and compromise by hiring locals for the job, only to end up regretting the decision.

There is a wide range of haulage services offered by shipping service providers. From different types of trucks to barges, a trader can hire any service they want to get the freight delivered at the port of shipment. And for traders to make a profitable decision, it is essential to book the service at the right time. After all, fluctuations are a part of the shipping industry! To book the best haulage services, view haulage rates online on the leading service provider’s websites.

Types of Haulage Services: Everything Shipping Companies Offer

Shipping companies that offer end-to-end services take care of inland haulage as well. In India, there are only a few shipping service providers that have adopted the best technologies and integrated mechanisms to offer the best-in-class service. One can expect to get tailored assistance and technical support to track the cargo at each step.

Here is the list of haulage services offered by them.

Trucks & Tankers – Inland Haulage Services

A wide variety of trucks and tankers are a part of the road transportation services to ferry the goods to the port of shipment. In most cases, the journey can be an inter-state affair. So, one must ensure a few factors before choosing the services.

  • Choose the right size and type of truck.The most commonly used trucks are curtain-sided, flatbeds, car carriages, tankers, and temperature-controlled trucks. Select the one that suits the purpose.
  • Check for tracking facilities.A few leading shipping services providers are offering this service to ensure higher security to the clients.
  • Book verified trucks and licensed drivers.This combination has to be perfect to avoid the hassle of bearing any legal trouble.

A Variety of Barges

Barges are for transporting goods through a river or canal. One can choose between dry bulk cargo barges, barracks barges, car-float barges, liquid cargo barges, and so on. The connectivity of these barges is what requires consideration. Hiring the best haulage services without the knowledge of barge routes can be difficult. Thankfully, the best shipping company takes care of it!

Rail Haulage Services

Rail haulage services are perfect when the goods are perishable/damageable, and the distance from the factory to the port of shipment is too long. In this case, one may have to hire a truck as well to get the freight to the railway station.

Factory Stuffing / Destuffing Services

If the factory is not far away from the port of shipment, one may hire haulage services with cargo cars in service to help in stuffing or de-stuffing the freight. There is no need to hire laborers to carry the freight all the way long.

Door-To-Door Haulage Services

If one has booked the door-to-door haulage services, there is no need to worry about which truck or barge is required for the shipment. The shipping company takes care of it all!

Hiring the most reliable haulage services can help save time, stress, and last-minute chaos to get the freight delivered to the port on schedule! Selecting a shipping service provider is like a long-term investment that may seem expensive at first but pays off in the end. One should research well to find a credible services provider in the country!

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