Backlink Checking Tool and Search Engine Placement


Even though there are many changes which are happening with related to SEO, one thing that remain unaltered is backlink. Earlier if a site has got more number of backlinks it use to get highest ranking. but today it is not so. The ranking depends on the quality links.

Low quality links are devalued these days. There are many backlink checker tools available today which one can utilize for their blog or site. This will help in figuring out the number of backlinks gained by the site. There are plenty of SEO backlinks checker tools available today.

Backlink checker tools: why you need them

When there is a link present in some other website to your site or any page in your site has a link to other website it is called backlink. Earlier this was very important parameter needed for high page ranking. This was also very important for great keyword ranking. But search engine Google has demoted this and added many other parameters for ranking a website. So, one can use many other features available in the SEO reports software along with these backlinks.

There are two types of back links. They are

  • No follow backlinks
  • Dofollow backlinks

Usually when people create backlinks they focus on creating do follow links. Using the backlink checker tools available one can check for how many backlinks have been created. When it comes to improving page rank a good number of backlinks plays a major role. This also helps in improving the Moz rank for a site.

There are several backlink checker tools available today like the SE Ranking SEO Software. These will help in finding out incoming backlink to the site. Based on the user’s requirement they must choose these tools. Some of the tools just offer only number of backlinks while other may give detailed results. Usually majority of them don’t demand for sign up and registration that is why they are easy to use.

SEMRUSH is a backlink checker tool which has come up in recent years. With its features it has become a highly robust backlink checker SEO tool. One thing to remember here is this is not available for free of cost. But there will be a trial period of 14 days which is provided for free. The database of this tool is considered extensive and it is updated on daily basis. So, the backlink status given by this tool will be accurate. So, majority of the users have opinion that this is the best tool to use.

AHrefs is another backlink SEO tool which helps greatly. This is also a paid tool. But it comes with an offer that if one gets registered for a free account, then they offer an anchor text analysis and a complete backlink analysis for the site. This will give a detailed result on backlinks for the site. Along with this, with time one can also find out how are the links decreasing or increasing for the site. This is one among the best backlink checker tools available today.

One of the latest additions to the backlink checker tool list is OpenLinkprofile. This is a free tool which helps in finding out the freshest backlinks for a site. There is an option to export 1000 backlinks for the site. When it comes to free tools available for backlinks, this comes in the top of the list.

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