Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Applying for a Job


If you are currently unemployed or looking for a new job, you may be applying for jobs that seem like they may be a good fit for you or that interest you. However, if you are not getting any calls back, there may be a reason why. Often times, people make the same mistakes over and over without realizing it, and they wonder why they are not getting interviews or getting hired. Here are three of the top mistakes that people make when applying for a job.

#1. Not Meeting the Requirements for a Job

One of the top reasons why employers have to discard resumes and job applications is because the applicant simply does not meet the requirements that they have for the job. Every company has different requirements. You may have worked in the same position at one company with no formal education, but another may require it. Likewise, the amount of experience you need may vary from one company to another. Do not think that just because you have completed similar job tasks in the past that you meet the requirements with every company. Take your time to read the job posting and the requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, do not apply for that position.

#2. Not Listing Pertinent Experience

Another huge mistake that people make when applying for a job is not tailoring their resume to that job. As such, they may be leaving out pertinent information that can make an employer feel you are qualified for that position. For example, if you are applying to be a kindergarten teacher, an employer may not care about your fast food job and tasks there. But they may care about your preschool teaching experience. Take the time to list out the job tasks you had at relevant jobs that may be transferable or valuable for the position in which you were applying. Reduce the visibility of jobs that are not relevant and the amount of space they take up on your resume.

#3. Leaving Out Information

The last mistake that job seekers make when applying for a job is leaving out information that is needed. This may include leaving information on the application blank or failing to include a resume or typing certificate with the application. Either way, failing to include the needed information will show an employer that you cannot follow directions and/or may be forgetful. As such, you can expect your application to be passed over in favor of applicants who do include all of the needed information. Before you submit a job application, go over the application and needed information a few times to ensure you have not left any spaces blank, failed to check the right boxes and have included all of the correct information. This is the first step to making the right impression with your new potential employer.

Your job application and resume are the only things that an employer has to make a decision about you. And with so much competition for decent paying jobs, the employer does not have to cut you any slack or give you the benefit of the doubt, as they have a desk full of applications and resumes. As such, you want to make sure everything is perfect and pristine when you apply. Ensuring you do not make these common mistakes will help improve your chances of landing the job that you are seeking.

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