B2B business model is not a new or unique concept of the business world. It has been around for several years, but nowadays every new startup or new business organization seems to be working on this business model.  The evolution of the technological advancements in the traditional business world has made the digital B2B platforms a common and most visited marketplace of this modernized business world. Let’s break down a few concepts and basics of B2B business model:

What is meant by the term B2B?

For anyone who has been in the business world or is slightly aware of the business evolution, the term B2B is not a new term for them. In simple words, the term B2B is short for Business-to-Business. Business-to-Business means trade activities between two or more business organizations and companies.

The business activities of the B2B business model are conducted through different methods than any other business model. The business activities and strategies are much more complicated than the B2C business model. B2B companies target an entirely different set of audience. The target audience and customers of B2B companies are not individual customers or consumers, but these B2B organizations try to grab the attention and seal the deals with other international companies and business organizations.

The business world is filled with numerous business models such as B2C which means selling products to an individual customer, B2G which means selling products and having business contracts with the government, B2B which means selling products and services to other business organizations and companies of your industry.

Different kinds of B2B business models:

Hundreds and thousands of business organizations are following and practicing different B2B business models. Some of the successful and lucrative business models are:

  • Marketing and advertising agency
  • Website development service providers and agencies.
  • SaaS companies and service providers.
  • B2B E-commerce.

B2B portals and digital business platforms:

One of the most ways of expanding your B2B organization or company is to get it registered on a global B2B portal. No matter which business model you follow or practice, these digital B2B portals provide you with various advantageous services and features to not only target and reach the international markets but also to finalize deals and contracts with global business traders, suppliers, manufacturers and companies. Joining a global business community of B2B portal will provide you with the benefit of gaining and generating high-quality business leads and in leaving an impactful imprint of your organization in the international business sector. Compiled below is a list of renowned B2B portals that have associations with millions of international business traders and organizations:

  • Alibaba
  • DHgate
  • eWorldTrade
  • Globalsources
  • Made-in-china
  • IndiaMART
  • Kinnek
  • TradeKey

These B2B platforms provide their services to customers and business organizations all around the world. These platforms provide their associates and customers with opportunities to not only achieve their business goals but also to get global recognition of their business brands.


B2B platforms have modernized the concepts and strategies of the business world.  The way business activities are conducted nowadays has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of millions of business organizations and companies.

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