Why it’s important to have information and directional signs in parks and open spaces


It is always easy to move from point A to point B when it is a straight line but it is not that simple to navigate different places in parks and open spaces without signage panels.

When you are exploring a new place, whether it is in your own country or a foreign country, it can be challenging to navigate through different locations and mode of transport. However, with clear directional signs, this task becomes easier. The information signs make it easier for you to find the direction you are supposed to head to. It saves you time and lets you make the most out of your time.

Importance of information and directional signs

  • Signs entice customers: Signage can help a business attract customers to its business. It creates curiosity and encourages a customer to venture inside.
  • Create recognition: Signage is usually designed to help people recognize or identify a place. For example, using signs, you can identify which restroom is for men and which one is for women. Even brands use recognizable signs so that customers can readily identify them.
  • They help find directions: Directional signs are an integral part of shopping malls, corporations, parks, and hospitals. Once these signs are in place, it is less likely for a visitor or a customer to get lost. These signs can also be useful for outdoor events especially when there are multiple entrances.
  • Signs communicate with customers: Signage also helps communicate useful information. Such informational signs are often used in schools, nurseries, offices, and other workplaces. They could be giving information or warning users about hazards which are essential to their safety.

Types of signs for parks and other outdoor areas

Different types of signs serve different types of purposes. In a park or other outdoor area, you will come across park maps, educational signs, bulletin boards, and even directional signs. The placement of each of these signage matters since it makes park amenities such as restroom, cafes, benches etc. more accessible than ever. Here are the different types of signs you will find in parks:

  1. Maps: They are usually placed at the entrance to increase the knowledge and interest of the visitors about the park. They also help them guide themselves through various locations in the park and find places that would interest them. Usually, park maps include places marked with boundaries, street connections, concessions, and trials. You might also see a section highlighting an area of interest.
  2. Bulletin boards: These boards keep you informed about park events, renovation plans, tournaments and other activities that might interest you. It is an outreach tool that keeps visitors informed about the place.
  3. Directional signs: These signs are usually placed in natural areas to keep people informed and make them feel secure.
  4. Educational signs: These signs highlight flowers, paths, trees and other natural environments to let you engage with the park and have fun. They are also used when a customer or visitor has to be educated about a certain monument or element of nature.

More benefits of signs

No matter what type of sign it is, if it is serving the purpose it is supposed to fulfill, your visitors are going to enjoy their experience.

  • Durability matters

Since the directional signs have to be installed outdoors, they must be made from high-quality materials. Usually, the suspended wayfinding signage is made from aluminum which is ideal for coastal environments. That means the signs are going to last for a long time. The tourists will find it easier to interpret the details and read the information. With accurate information, they will head towards their destination.

  • You save money in the long-run

The sturdy directional signs can help you save money in the long-run. If strong materials are chosen for construction, they will have a longer lifespan. The wayfinding system shouldn’t just be sturdy but flexible too. In the progressive society like today, new roads and train lines are added time after time. In that case, updating information on the panels is pertinent and if signage is flexible, that would become easier. This will help consumers and travelers to see new information quickly. It will also save a business a significant amount of money because updating the panels doesn’t have to be cumbersome.

Signs can prove to be a great investment for your business even if you own a park. The only thing you have to ensure is that the signs are readable and easy to interpret by the readers.

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