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Bicycle Accidents in Chicago


To most people, urban cycling is a terrifying idea, with the thought of being crashed by whizzing cars ever present. It’s not as dangerous or complicated when done right. A good number of cities are not bike friendly, meaning cyclists must ride among motorists. High congestion in notoriously car-centric cities demands undivided attention as situations can go horribly wrong within seconds. If you acquaint yourself with the tendencies and habits of drivers, biking becomes safer and more predictable, ultimately allowing you to enjoy yourself and steer clear of all dangers.

Sticking to your State Laws

The many recreational activities offered by the modern bicycle are limited by individual state laws. Before hitting the streets, find out whether your state allows you to ride on the sidewalks; this is ultimately the safest. It is always advisable to have a helmet on for you own safety. Some states allow to overtake on the left side of the vehicle.

When biking in Chicago, always ensure that you;

  • Follow all road rules as if you were driving
  • Never cut-off other people
  • Never run lights
  • Always stick to your lane
  • Avoid the sidewalk unless when clear

Whenever you’re feeling unsafe, it helps to take up an entire lane of traffic; motorists behind you will keep their distance.

Unfortunately, each year is seeing an increase in both fatalities and injuries arising from these accidents. Though many efforts have been directed towards constructing bicycle-only pathways in many cities, cyclists still must share roadways with motorists. For cyclists, Chicago still ranks as the second most dangerous city right after New York. Large and extremely by intersections, such a Ogden and Chicago Avenue, witness the highest number of accidents; sometimes the traffic lights change too fast for cyclists, ultimately finding themselves at the mercy of impatient motorists. Within the last 10 years, over 2000 cyclists have been injured to incapacitation. The internal injuries and broken bones they have suffered have rendered some temporarily and others permanently disabled. These accident victims are in dire need of claims to ease the financial burdens.  Many of these cyclists will contact Abels & Annes, P.C., to assist them in their injury legal matters.

Tips to keep you safe

In any collision with motorists, cyclists are always at a disadvantage. Adopting a defensive attitude is the safest way to get around the busy Chicago are. Here’s how;

Put on the lights – When riding at night or in foggy conditions, your front and back lights must always be on. It’s the only way for motorists to notice you and react in good time.

Don’t use headphones – Unless you’re on a car-free road or a bike-path, never use your headphones as they will likely distract you.

Use city appropriate bikes – As much as other mountain bikes and beach cruisers can be used in cities, they are more demanding of your attention. Commuter and road bikes are simple enough to keep all your focus on the road and not on shifting gears.

Google Maps – The cycling directions on Google Maps are fantastic; if you are unsure of how to get around, these maps guide you, with the prime objective of getting you to your destination safe. It often involves avoiding roads with too many lanes.

Ride a fitting bike – When you ride a bike that doesn’t fit, it is not only uncomfortably but also hard to control in complex situations.

Get in touch with our experienced attorneys today to help you file for your claims; they will go a long way towards alleviating suffering, pain and medical expenses brought about by vehicle-bicycle accidents.


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