Tips & Trick For Passing The CFA Level 2 Test


The CFA consists of three parts, and if you’ve already passed part one, it is time to start studying for part two. While the CFA is a challenging exam, there are ways to prepare to help increase your chances of success.

Repeat Often:

It is good practice to review in the morning the material from the previous day. The more time you spend working through your CFA self-study materials, the more you are likely to succeed. CFA prep providers can help you tap into an abundance of resources and specific advice for answering the cases that you will find in Part II of the CFA exam.

Start Hand Writing:

There is more written work on the exam for CFA vs CPA exam, so start handwriting the answers to your questions in your CFA self-study materials. For extra practice, consider starting to handwrite your notes, memos, and other things that can be handwritten instead of typed. Make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible.

Find Your Zen:

For Part II of the CFA exam, you will be working with cases, which means that your nerves can be a serious detriment. Nervous test takers are more likely to make mistakes, overlook information, and mix up facts. To help get over nerves, try to simulate the testing environment as you take the tests in your CFA self-study materials; time yourself, turn off all distractions, and sit at an empty desk with your pen and paper.

According to, with any difficult exam, the main trick is not to give up. The material for the CFA is challenging and many students do not pass the first time. Instead of getting discouraged by the low pass rate or your own score if you are retaking, keep a positive attitude and work hard and you will get there.

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