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The invoice templates let you create and download invoices within seconds. If your business is in consulting or freelance then invoices are an important tool for your business to meet the bottom line. Small or large business will benefit from the functionality of invoices. Choose a desire invoice template and color to impress a customer then upload a logo or signature of your company and provide online invoices for clienteles. Here’s a simple thing to follow, there’s no need to worry about the programming and designing an excel sheet; Billdu invoice templates will do the job in few seconds. There are five basic  invoice templates provided by Billdu by its customers every business must use. they are easy to read and faster to process, no additional data that may cause your client’s system to lag or to cover unnecessary space. Let’s see what design suits you best:

Serif template is a great invoice template option if you want a clear and colored invoice. It can be read easily, has multiple options along with the basic and mandatory template features by Billdu, there are more than enough color schemes to choose from, the logo and signature options are there to help client and business to be recognized. Also, the Pay Now button is there in Serif along with the feedback and reviews corner.

For simplicity, the Classic template is a recommended one. It looks like a same old written invoice page with a logo option on top-left, right, or middle, a simple black invoicing foreground color with the white background, payment options and amount are tucked to the center below the date and time rack. The signature can be done at last.

The modern template has a nice dual background i.e. blue and white with black toner color for the foreground. The title tag has a logo and description with contact details to the left. The issue date, reference, and number are included in a separate tab with a black background. The order details and address of sender and receiver along with the total amount owed by the client is divided into three columns respectively. After that, there are invoicing details and total amount followed by the Signature option and payment details, bank account number, and holder name.

The simple invoicing template has a whole white background with black fonts. On the top are the logo and description with a complete billing address and sender’s contact details, emails address, and physical address. It is followed by the receiver’s address, invoice number, the issue and due date and payment methods if any. The invoice details, unit price, and amount are placed in the center.

The best thing about Billdu Invoice templates is its portability and simplicity to add or edit anything anywhere. The invoice template feature is available for both PC and Smartphone, tablet, iPad versions. The speed, compatibility, and time saved while creating a beautiful invoicing template is seconds and sending it to the client make them the best invoicing software house for small to medium businesses around the world.

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