Squeezing Gold for Cash

There are hundreds of thousands of companies all over the planet that deal with precious metals and mostly all of them would have a business unit that offers the average person cash for gold.

These companies in general attempt to gain the most out of each transaction that they make with individuals selling gold to them, which is a necessity for them in order to survive in the extremely harsh industry.

However, this does not mean that sellers should allow these companies to take advantage of them and the only way they would be able to stop this from happening is by having knowledge of how much whatever it is that they are trying to sell is worth.

In most situations these items are most likely to be gold jewellery pieces and most legit jewellery pieces have a ‘karat’ mark which is an indicator of the jewellery piece’s purity.

The table presented below makes it easy for sellers to calculate the actual content of gold in weight by converting the gold karat value to a percentage that can be multiplied by the total weight of the jewellery piece and arrive at the actual total content of gold, silver, palladium or platinum in that jewellery piece.

24 Karat – 100 % pure gold – jewellery are rarely made out of pure gold due to gold’s softness, 24 K pieces are usually showcase pieces

22 Karats – 66 % very high precious metal content

20 Karats – 33 % high content of precious metal

18 Karats – 75 % high value jewellery piece

16 Karats – 66 % valuable

14 Karats – 33 % moderate value jewellery piece

12 Karats – 50 % general value

10 Karats – 66 % low value

Using the breakdown above, sellers would easily be able to calculate the gold content of their jewellery pieces by examining the jewellery piece that they want to sell by looking for the karat markings and multiply the corresponding percentage associated with the karat (for instance 18k = 75%) with the weight of the jewellery piece.

This would give the seller the exact weight of gold, silver or any other precious metal content in the jewellery which then he or she would have to multiply with the market value of gold per gram and the seller would have the actual value of the jewellery piece.

From this point on, it is up to the seller how much of the gold market value he or she is willing to lose before agreeing to sell. A good deal for a seller would be between 5 – 10 % below market value, meaning if the value of the jewellery piece was $10.00 and you manage to get $9.00 out of it, you would have managed to get yourself a good deal. 10 – 20 % below market value is standard and losing anything more than that can be considered a ‘rip off’.

For those who want an easier way to calculate the value of their gold, you can visit the Melbourne Gold Buyers website.


Selling your Gold

Believe it or not when you sell your gold to scrap metal dealers they often make more money than you imagine as from a kilogram of scrap that contains gold these companies make at least 30 dollars from each 100 grams on average and this does not include jewellery.

Many people are actually practically sitting on a ton of gold unaware as most of them think that it is nothing but junk and consider it as nothing more than worthless rubbish lying about around their homes.

However if they were to examine their gold properly they may just find a small fortune. This is just the first step; the harder part of this entire endeavour is trying to find a proper and ethical gold dealer, which is not really as hard as most might think it is. All they have to do is a little bit of homework and they would be able to make some cold had cash quickly without having to lose a drop of sweat.

The point that we are trying to make here is that when an individual does decide to sell his or her gold, it will naturally involve a careful analysis of the precious metal markets and what they have to be particularly aware of when it comes to selling their gold is dealing with precious metal dealers who might just take them for a ride because it becomes obvious to them that the seller does not know anything about the market.

Thus it is important for gold sellers to know that commodities such as gold, Silver, platinum, or palladium does not only depend on the laws of market demand and supply, but rather it actually depends on economic and social conditions globally. If we examine historical data it becomes evident that gold price movements are triggered at the first sign of trouble that may be in the form of social unrest, political turbulence or economic uncertainties which cause most investors jump their guns and dump stocks or shift investments erratically and these activities more often than not drive prices of gold in certain directions that may good for some and be bad for others.

As the global financial meltdown gripped the world economy in 2007, the prices of gold basically ran amok and out of control for about half a year before settling back on steady ground, however there was a lesson to be learned during that event from those many gold buyers who thought that the prices of gold will keep rising and decided to buy gold  at its peak before it came tumbling down.

The lesson here is not about buying gold or selling gold, the lesson here is basically the fact that gold prices will more often than not remain stable and as such dabbling with gold in order to make quick profits is a fool hardy activity that most probably will end up with you losing all your money.

On the other hand if you invest in gold for the marathon, rest assured that you will get what is due… eventually.

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Most popular magazines in the U.S.

Valuemags sells hundreds of different magazines to the American market. Each magazine is targeted to a different audience. There are even a handful of them that are offered for free. There are no strings attached since there is no need to enter credit card information. Not only that but you can accumulate points by doing various things like answering surveys and sharing content with your friends. You can eventually redeem the points you have collected for a Starbucks or Amazon gift card.

One of the free magazines you can subscribe to is Better Homes and Gardens. It is one of the most magazines in circulation in the United States. Because the subject matter is appealing to a bigger majority of people, it would make sense that it is more popular than seventeen magazine. Better Homes and Garden was founded in 1922 and is in the top 5 magazines in circulation.

Reader’s Digest is another magazine that is quite popular available to Valuemags customers. Since the actual size of the magazine is fairly compact, some people might have a hard time reading the text since it may be too small. The large print is also available for people who would have that problem.

National Geographic has been around since 1888 and is still one of the most read magazines out there. Because the content is on the educational side, they are even issues for kids and toddlers. Valuemags has all of these versions available for customers for purchase. The following most circulated magazine is Good Housekeeping. Its popularity is fairly close to that of National Geographic’s.

Not only are the magazines available in print format, customers can also have them on digital as well. Valuemags has developed a program where people can access their favorite magazines on any device with a touch of a finger. There is still authentication in order to protect the published content being shared with people who are not subscribed through the program. This is done through click-based identification and subscribers don’t have to download an app or create an account.


Overseas Buyers and Brexit

The pound’s rate slip has piqued the interests of overseas buyers looking to secure UK property investments.

Since the Brexit vote, there has been a shift in investor opinions towards low-risk investment that offer high-income yield within the UK’s current property market. Since Brexit, there has been a notable increase of overseas investors looking to exploit the weak British pound for great returns.

There have not been many signs that the British property market will fall off the earth, as some opinions had suggested pre-Brexit.

Overseas buyers have been acting on this unique opportunity, and interest has risen from several countries including; China. Some reports have noted a 50% increase in interest from foreign buyers, hoping to take advantage of the 20% discount being offered due to a weak sterling.

London has always been a hotspot for global property investors. However, the current increase in overseas interest is a blessing for the UK market as domestic buyers have adopted a wait and see approach in some parts of the market, especially the top end prime locations.

A recent survey showed that 23% of homeowners aged 18-34 would be less likely to sell their home in the next three years. This cautious approach may well continue until a clear path has been decided on the exactly what Brexit means for the UK economy.  Despite all this, experts say that property is still a reliable investment for both UK Nationals and overseas buyers alike.

It is important that buyers from all areas of the spectrum, remember that property is still the best performing asset class around. The demand for the UK market has not dissolved overnight, and looks as if it will not do so because of Brexit.

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Writer’s Relief to Buy an Academic Essay Composed Online

For students composing an essay ranks near the top of their “least favourite” activities. Essays are usually assigned to students either by page length or word count. This makes the whole task seem to be a bit overwhelming and they tend to be apprehensive to start the composition. Some students may even try to buy essay online, to end this trepidation. How can we end this perturbation without having to buy a literary work composed online is what this article will help you achieve.

Buy From a Literary Agency an Essay Composed Professionally

This we may soon find is not the solution to our essays qualms. When you buy essay, from an online, agency, you will have even more anxiety. What if they do not meet the UK, academic requirements for your essay? What if they do not provide your project on time? This and several other factors may cause uneasiness even after you buy your proposition. The best thing to do is to set a date, time and place where you will begin the task at hand, and give yourself plenty time. Also be certain there will be no interruptions to your chain of thought. If you have a television in your room, it is best to keep it switched off during this time so as not to cause any disruption.

UK Author’s Prompt Online Submission of Excellent Essays

Now that you have decided not to buy any of your essays from online sources and have gathered yourself to start your composition, what do you for inspiration. First write down the main subject of the composition which was assigned to you by your UK instructor, in the middle of the page. Now write subtopics related to the main subject. This will serve as an outline for your final essay. When you begin the actually composition be sure to write the contents of the essay, first and leave the title and headings for the last. Once you have finished the content, it will be easier to decide on a title which is relevant and pertaining to the contents of the essay.

Buy a Transcribed Essay to Progressive Academic Standards

It is always best if you try to write all of your academic essays and assignments by yourself rather than to buy it from online sources. Most UK institutes and almost all standard international institutes require zero plagiarism in the essay task. This means that it should all be an original piece of work. When you compose your own assignments by yourself, you will be dead sure that there is no chance of plagiarism in any of your projects. Having completed your work yourself you will also be confidently fluent of the contents of the venture, should your instructor ask you any cross questions. The best part if you get a distinction within the classroom you will be very proud of yourself.

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Finding the Right Pyrography Tools is Simple If You Know Where to Look

Pyrography is an art form that involves etching designs into either wood or leather by the use of a heated metallic point, sometimes called a poker. Pyrography can result in some beautiful artwork and designs, and this specific type of art is both unique and fun. There is no end to the types of artwork you can design using pyrography, but regardless of the complexity of the art project, having the correct equipment is essential. There are many different pyrography tools, and a number of companies that make this excellent product. High-quality tools made by competent and knowledgeable companies help make pyrography one of today’s most common methods of making art.

Types of Pyrography Tools

There are several types of pyrography tools, including:

  • Light and comfortable machines that remain cool throughout the etching process and are especially useful for schools, hospitals and rehabilitation centres
  • Tools that have two pin handles and are used for those who wish to have access to both a thin and a thick wire, although only one pin at a time can be used
  • Tools with dual handles that enable the operator to use two pins at the same time

Many facilities use pyrography tools, including vocational-technical schools and a variety of companies that work with or develop furniture and souvenirs. Purchasing pyrography tools also means having access to accessory items such as wire tips of different sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of spare handles. This is because most companies that offer pyrography equipment also offer a range of tools that go with it. These companies also offer similar products such as different types of transformers for radio and industrial use, and heat cutters that include hand-held, table units and bench top units.

Finding Expert Pyrography Equipment and Tools

Expert pyrography tools should only be purchased by companies who specialise in this type of product. These days this task is simple because most of these companies have comprehensive websites that give you detailed descriptions of their products, full-colour photographs, prices for each of the items and a simple way to contact them should you have unanswered questions.

In addition, many of these companies have manufactured products that are used by a variety of industries, including smelters, amusement companies, railways, paper mills, telecommunications companies, dockyards and steel mills, among others. In addition to industrial uses, these companies also assist governmental organisations that include utility companies, mining companies, building companies, and even contracting and building companies. Most of these companies have also sold their products to companies and industries throughout the world.

Whether you want transformer chokes or rectifiers, or heat-cutting or pyrography tools, companies these days can provide high-quality products that are made to last and can be purchased at reasonable prices. Many of their websites also allow you to order your products online, and offer a variety of sales and discounts. When researching these types of products, going online is an excellent starting point.


An innovative solution

Project management programs enable you to plan, organize, and manage resource tools. In the past, these tasks were undertaken by an employee, however in today’s digital world, I’m happy to say there are software solutions, that can be tailored to your specific field of business. Computerised management systems were used in the late 1950’s by Lockheed, and fueled by the digital age, have evolved with other business practices, to offer a high level of efficiency.

Project management


Project management solutions have a scheduling tool to sequence project activities, and assign dates and resources. These adaptable software programs can offer many applications, such as

  • Resource assignment and levelling
  • Activity cost estimation and accounting
  • Critical resource planning

Hub of information

The project management system will be responsible for informing all stakeholders of their roles, and facilitating real time communication within the network. This would also include estimating timelines of various stages, and even foreseeing possible problems. Project management software ensures maintenance costs can be accurately forecast, enabling budgets to be more precise.

Online project management solutions

These innovative organisations offer far more than just project control systems, with file sharing being a critical service. Video editors worldwide, who collaborate on large projects, really need to be able to send, and receive large files, instantly. Some of the major epics on the big screens today, are collaboratively edited by people in different continents, who exchange their data with a premium, file transfer protocol.

Total business solution

Commercial trading has transformed with the age of the Internet, enabling a new species of business to evolve. The need for speed, safety, and efficiency, has become the norm, so software solutions have developed alongside the industry, incorporating new apps that each has a specific function. Some projects involve many people, and teleconferencing must be scheduled, with multi time zones involved.

User-friendly interface

As with all good software today, the interface is clear, and lists all the tools at your disposal. Things like,

  • Critical path analysis
  • Project milestones
  • Collaborative tools
  • Easy analysis

Project task management

This area requires a great deal of work, and the latest software can handle all the tasks associated with a big project, assigning and executing tasks on schedule.  The timeline can be extremely tight, and this is when a project planning system can really help. Risk factors can be calculated and monitored, giving you an early warning signal when the risk increases. Creating reports, and recording meeting outcomes, are other fine examples of the efficient, programming levels we have reached today. Expense tracking and reporting can really drain the human resources of a large organization, so a good software solution is vital.

Web based application: The smart choice

One of the biggest reasons to use a web based, project management system, is that it can be accessed by a smartphone, iPad, or laptop. Easy access, web solutions provide the perfect platform for multi-level projects involving many people. There are many reputable, online software solutions to choose from, and increase your business efficiency.


How Can You Buy Wholesale Clothes?

You can save a lot of money on retail prices when you buy wholesale clothes. You can easily buy bulk in order to resell or mainly to just save on that retail price. The problem is that most people think that they need to have a store in order to have access to such discounts. That is not actually the case. You can also just buy a few pieces in order to be offered a good discount. There are even wholesalers that will sell just one item at a price that is heavily discounted.

The bottom line is that you need to know how to conduct an online research if you want to put your hands on such great deals. It is practically impossible to find what you are looking for if you do not do this because for a brick and mortar establishment such a way to do business is not recommended. The associated expenses are too high. With an online store this is definitely not a problem that you have to be concerned with.

Wholesale Clothes For Business Owners

We will now talk about what you need to look out for when you are a business owner and you want to buy wholesale clothes. In this situation you are mostly interested in increasing your profits. However, at the same time, you need to be sure that the quality of the clothes you buy is suitable. You will not be able to build a good reputation if the clothes you sell are not at all great when thinking about quality.

When referring to price tags, you will need more money available. The best discounts are accessible for the business owner and it is normal to want to save as much as possible when merchandise is purchased. While with the regular wholesale clothes you can expect a t-shirt to be 3 dollars instead of 9, with really big bulk orders the prices should be even lower. The business owner should only consider those sellers that offer deals in large quantities. Those that offer a smaller discount on just a few pieces are only recommended if you want to try a product and see if the customers like it.

Wholesale Clothes For Regular People

In this case we basically have two options that should be considered. For starters, the most common wholesalers will allow people to pay a very good price and buy just one item. As you can easily imagine, the discounts are not as great as with the bulk wholesalers but the price tags are definitely a lot better than what you see in stores.

The second option is when you want to buy a limited number of pieces and that is the way in which you can obtain a discount. The wholesale clothes seller might ask you to buy 3, 5, 10 items at once. In this case you have to realize whether or not the extra items are actually useful. Maybe you would hand them out as a gift or you would use them in accessorizing classes. In most situations people just go for the one piece wholesale clothes sellers.