The complete list of ROV for sale


An ROV stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle. It is a highly-manoeuvrable under-water robot. Although it works underwater, it is controlled by a person at the surface of the water. Therefore, it enables one to explore an ocean without dealing with the risk of being inside an ocean. Interestingly, the one controls it uses a joystick just like a person plays a video game. This blog will give a complete list of ROV for sale highlighting its major sellers around the world.

ROV’s are equipped with lights, cameras and video-cameras to allow to one to explore the ocean in the best possible manner. Besides this, it also possesses features like cutting arm, water samplers and instruments to measure the water clarity. They are used for the following:

An investigation using photo and video footage.
Innovation in Pipeline Inspection.
Exploring the depths of oceans and rivers.

They are available in the form of a small computer as well as a small truck based on their applications. Initially, they were developed for industrial purposes only such as the inspections of pipelines or testing offshore platforms, However, they are now used widely across industries. Therefore, a complete list of ROV for sale as provided by this blog includes several applications from the scientific field as well. They are used in the following industries:

Marine Biology
Oil and Gas

A complete list of ROV for sale contains different classes of ROVs. They are discussed as follows:

Work Class ROV:

Their main use is in ocean floor exploration and inspections at those particular areas where divers fail to reach.

Light Work Class ROV:

They are mainly used for moderate to low depths. Their application lies in simple inspections and making repairs.

Observation Class ROV:

It is a small sided ROV. Besides the exploration of rivers and coastal waters, it is used for testing water safety for the divers.

Micro ROV:

They are used to reach areas which are practically impossible for humans to visit.

Hence, they help in eliminating the presence of human-beings inside the oceans. They are meant to support most kinds of occupied-submersible or driving operations by allowing the operators to stay safe and dry on ship decks.

Few of the ROV companies are-


It provides the global market quality products related to military, defence, civil security and automobiles. They have their network across 100 countries and employ over 15000 people from about 30 countries. Their operations consist of Aeronautics, Dynamics, Surveillance, Support and Services. They are renowned to sell Intervention Underwater Roy.

Susea Tech:

The complete list of ROV for sale cannot exclude the name of Susea Tech. Based in Marseille, it was founded in 2005. It is primarily an engineering company dealing in underwater and marine technologies across 5 continents. Research and Development, Production and Intervention are three of their main activities to provide underwater services. Observation ROV is one of the main products they deal in.

Techno Nav Marine:

Its headquarters are located in Gujarat and this company was founded in 1995. It is a wholesale supplier of the soft board, Marine Navigation equipment and other navigation tools. It is one of the most sought-after companies in India for selling ROVs. Their major highlight is also Observation ROV
Shark Marine Technologies Ltd: It has been manufacturing and selling underwater products since 1948. Besides ROVs, they deal in various remote-operated vehicles, sonar platforms and tether management systems. They are renowned for the Divelog software employed by their navigators and the Mako Diver Delivery System. Intervention Underwater ROV which is called “Sea-Wolf” is one of their leading products.

Teledyne SeaBotics Inc:

They are the manufacturers and sellers of Remotely-Operated Vehicles, Little Bethnic Vehicle. Their underwater devices can perform various tasks such as maritime security, search and recovery, hull and pipeline inspection etc. Their ROVs are renowned for advanced tether design, thrusters and a modern Crawler system.

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