The Six Social Sins that Can Spoil a Society


If you are living in a society then you can see individuals with wealth but without a job and you can see individuals doing activities, deriving pleasure without conscience. Then there are instances of individuals having knowledge without character. All these are social sins.

There are six social sins that can spoil a society and these are mentioned as follows:-

Wealth without work

Knowledge without character

Pleasure without conscience

Commerce without morality

Religion without sacrifice

Science without humanity

There are other social media sins that can spoil you and your image and they are as follows:-

Avoid Using Bombastic, Incomprehensible Words

If you are a media person then communicate using simple terms. In other words, avoid being a corporate robot and avoid using bombastic words or phrases that your viewers or followers don’t comprehend. Many may consider you to be a talkative moron.

Hiding Paid Tweets

It is absolutely important to stay transparent while tweeting or promoting your products or services. If you pay people to write good stuff about your brand, products or services then it is alright but don’t be hesitant to tell others that you use paid tweets. If you have nothing to hide then you can expect trust, respect from your followers. The same is not true if you maintain a cover on your habits of using paid tweets.

Not Respecting Potential Customers

Whenever customers pay you a visit on social media then it is important that you pay respect to them. If you are a business person maintaining a social media account, a page, the moment a person follows you they are your customers. Treat them properly.

Using an Anonymous Avatar

Don’t use your anonymous avatars to review your company’s products or services. People read online reviews as they trust them and therefore don’t betray their trust.

Making Promises that you can’tkeep

If you are selling a product or service and you promise extra features to your product on social media then you need to stick to the promise that you made. Social media is about trust and genuineness. Breaking promises on social media implies that you harmed a trusting relationship between you and your customers.

Other things that you need to ensure are not to become a hypocrite, not to ignore customer complaints and not to be afraid of mistakes as social media is a continuous experiment, try-out innovative ideas, be creative and experimental and take risks if required.

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