Company Practices that Drive Away Talented Employees


According to, if you ask any entrepreneur in the world they will say that the key to success is having a good team. That is why the best online reputation management company is successful since they are a small team and communicate well together along with incorporate teamwork on every project.

So here it goes, practices that drive talented employees away include:

  1. Overworking your employees

Never overwork your employees since they will go through a mental burnout and have to take a leave of absence since they will become so stressed. Rewarding them once a month helps with workplace stress so that everyone can find some time to relax.

  1. Making useless rules in the workplace
  1. Not caring about your employee

It is equally important to care for your employees first before your clients. You need to give them the same experience.

  1. Tolerating poor employee performance

When a talented employee sees that poor performance is tolerated in the workplace, it makes them feel like their work isn’t important to the organization. This is the reason why a lot of talented and qualified employees will leave the workplace since they don’t feel like they are recognized enough.

  1. Hiding the big picture

As a boss, your team needs to be aware of your every move and your next steps so that everyone is on the same page. Communication with your employees is just as important for the success of the company.

  1. Ignoring the importance of fun

Work is work but you can’t be so up tight all the time especially with your employees and that’s why incorporating some fun into the week or the day is important as well. Having a small event every now and then gives your employees more motivation to work hard towards that one goal.

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