Google Gets Fined Billions


Recently the removing complaints from Google team has seen that Google got fined $2.7 billion dollars. The fine was from the European Union regulators who have slapped Google with a record antitrust fine of $2.7 billion and the reason for this is for favoring its own shopping services over those of its rivals. This has been a 7 yearlong investigation into Google, which holds more than 90% of the market in online search across Europe. This tech giant will not require providing technical solutions that fight perceived antitrust abuse within 90 days. Google keeps claiming that it hasn’t done anything illegal and has the right to appeal the decision.

Now that this case is going on, Google is trying to fight this hefty penalty and the timing for them is pretty rough according to sources from NY Times. Google is seen to have broke the regions tough competition rules and now Google has to comply with the decision to rein in its power. With potential heavy-handed intervention, this may raise the hackles of Google and other companies in the American tech world and they can all claim that Europe is unfairly targeting companies from the United States. The region’s officials are obviously denying these accusations.

Google is know to protect its crown jewel, its closely guarded search algorithm and from the prying eyes of regulators and even its competitors. What the Europe competition chief Margrethe Vesteger is saying is expected to call for Google to change how it ranks some of its search products I order to give its rivals a collection of mostly small European and American tech companies there having a greater prominence when people search online. This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me and they haven’t even clarified for us how Google has broken the antitrust policies. This seems like a pointless case and everyone around the world knows that Google is number one in every country, especially the number one browser.

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