Cooling Industrial Spaces with Large Fans


Big spaces need big fans. It is not about the size, but science behind it that enables large fans to cool the large spaces in an effective and efficient manner. Industrial spaces need such fans which are persistently subjected to heat generation caused due to high usage of machines and equipment releasing heat in the air. Proper ventilation is basic need to such purposes and large sized fans do the commander’s job here.

How large fans do more cooling?

Fan parts and components consist of blades, motor, mounting bracket, pull chain switches, capacitors and electric circuit. Each part plays an important role to facilitate effective cooling with energy efficient method. The length of the blades, size of the fan, and speed of the motor, airfoil shape and momentum of fan’s air channels leads to cooling in the respective area.

The idea of large fans is to enable the fan to operate at very low speed (rpm). The size of torque and wear is minimized that facilitates fan to work mechanically with high efficiency and to sustain for longer life cycle. It is not only about a feasible idea to get such fans for high efficiency and longevity, but about letting this system enable less power to operate that further reduces the electricity bill. The best electric companies in Houston will help you get the most out of your smart meter and keep your power bill under control.

Properties of Large Sized Fans

There are certain properties that recognize a big size fan to be effective and feasible for the user. Any industrial fan user going for these fans must look at these properties and ensure getting the product with the best of these.

  • Leverage HVAC System: This feature enables the fan to move air masses in high movement order fueling high cooling in the area. Also, you have to make sure that this doesn’t cause turbulence, or else it can increase power usage that further enhances heat generation and more power bills.
  • Airfoil Shape: The airfoil shape of the blades must be checked before buying such big fans as the ideal shape would enable higher cooling without much power consumption. Also, the airfoil shape in long and narrow is considered to be best as it reduces the weight of fan and light fan brings more cooling.
  • Blades Design: The design of blades determines the longevity of fan. An ideally designed large sized fan would give long life to it and bring a feasible deal to the buyer.

Pros of Large Industrial Fans

  • Energy Efficient: The ideally designed large industrial fan is not only good for cooling large spaces, but also come up with pocket friendly deal.
  • Minimal Air Disruption: Large industrial fans with adequate design cause minimum air disruption.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Big sized fans have more capacity of ventilation enabling fresh air and cool industrial spaces.

Getting these large fans is indeed a great idea for the industrial spaces.

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