Raising Your Company’s Altitude


We could just say “Attitude equals Altitude” and leave it at that. If you take one thing from this article, it should be the understanding that your attitude towards your outcome becomes your outcome. Attitude is a test of expectation and this will be mirrored in your outcome. In simpler terms, you’ll get your expected resulted or what you expect.

It is imperative for company executives to first build confidence in successful outcomes for the company before you are directed towards making these a reality.

Successful companies set a target stock price for each quarter and task company executives with the responsibility of carrying out stock analyst target price goals for the company and motivating the team to reach the goal.

Below are some ways a company executive can troubleshoot and improve their company’s performance.

Expect Great Results

It starts with you, the company executive. Train yourself to expect great and successful results from your team and stock price. Allow this to be your default expectation by focusing on it and reinforcing the thought of success for your company.

Once it internalizes, it will reflect in your company’s result. Remember, attitude equals altitude or you reap what you sow. Therefore, sow the seeds of success to reap the harvest of great success.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positively reinforce your team and yourself. “We are doing our best.” Allow this to become your inner monolog and response to everything.

Positive reinforcement and praise coaching is the act of using uplifting statements to build confidence and condition it so that the work becomes associated with positive feelings which result in higher performance.

Encourage Passion

You and your team must be passionate about your company and its success. Passion is something that can be cultivated and tended to on a daily basis until it becomes automatic behavior. Passion simply involves stating, “I love my work and making my company successful” or, “I love meeting my company’s stock goals every quarter.” It could also be, “I love working at my company and driving its success.”

It might be uncomfortable at first, but it gets better and you’ll notice your performance improving and your company’s performance improving.

Once you’ve done the mind work, you’ll notice you’ll start to focus on the following.

Improving Products and Services

The products and services you offer determine the success of your company. It is important to have the attitude anything can make money while providing the best products for your customers. You have got a responsibility to build a better community and raise the standards of living in your community, so make sure you provide the best possible products and services while believing that they can make money and be profitable for your company.

Connecting With New Customers

When you develop a good reputation, new customers will come. Customers flock to where they feel appreciated and loved. Very few people are happy to spend their hard-earned money with people whose values they do not endorse. Capitalize on this. Feel good about the product you are selling and your customers will take notice.

Offer incentives or trials and motivate your customers to share your product. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising. When people are confident that the product is tried and true, they are more likely to spend money on it.

Boost Your Productivity

This doesn’t mean tracking employee activity, but rather fostering passion and leveraging your employee’s strengths. A good executive recognizes all their employee’s strengths and weaknesses and offers them services to build their confidence and nurture their passion for their jobs which drives up productivity.

Create a work environment that nurtures your employees mentally and emotionally. If you need to hire an in-house therapist and self-esteem coach, then do so. Have your team schedule weekly sessions with the coach and are assigned nurture work to do for the week which they report back to the coach.

Employee productivity is boosted by creating a great environment where employees thrive and deepen their passion for your company. Having employees that love their jobs is the greatest indicator for success and profitability.

Remain Ahead

Stay ahead of everyone. This will help you understand which direction to confidently take your company and what actions help it succeed.

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