Different Types of Copiers

The advancement of the photocopy machine has gone a long way since its invention in the 1950’s. There are different types for different purposes. There are business copiers designed for large businesses, offices, and schools. There are also simpler and smaller types for the home and small offices. If you are interested in buying one, you need to learn about the different models of copiers to help you choose and narrow down your choices.

Mono Copier

Mono copier is short for the monochrome copier. It means that the copier can be multi-functional, but it makes use of one ink, black. It can is used in both office or home, and they come in different sizes and designs. Advanced ones can print at high-speed of about 100+ pages per minute.

Color Copier

The color copier is a newer type but a more expensive choice. It can copy both black and colored papers. They use these types in businesses, and the toner comes in four different shades, yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. These are combined so they can form more colors. They are ideal for schools and businesses were colored documents and presentations are in high demand for reproduction.

Analog Copier

Analog copiers are older types of copiers. They are not very common these days anymore due to the introduction and development of more advanced ones. This type of copier makes use of lenses and mirrors as well as light to reflect images of documents. They place the paper on the copier plate then it passes through a receptor for printing. These types are difficult to use these days since they often encounter mechanical failures and it’s not easy to find a service for them. Even the parts are hard to replace since they are rare.

Digital Copier

Digital copiers are the replacement of analog copiers. They are one of the most commonly used types. They are designed for heavy volume printing and are often multifunctional. They are heavy duty, so they are recommended for office or school use. There are simpler versions through which you can use at home if you prefer this kind of copier.

Desktop Copier

The desktop copier is also a modern version. They have almost the same features as the digital ones. They can be multifunctional, but they are small versions. As the name implies, they are meant to stay in desks or bench tops. They are often designed to photocopy papers up to A3 size. There are also specialty desktop copiers which can only print certain paper types. They are usually smaller and less costly.

Multifunctional Copier

A multifunction copier is one of the best types of copier. It is because can do more than just photocopy. It can also scan and print. It can be connected to one or more devices to do its function correctly. You can also save the documents you photocopied or scanned in your computer for future use. It is ideal not just for businesses but also for individuals who often print bulk papers or those who prefer to have a complete set.

Network Copier

Network copiers are popular in offices and different establishments. They connect them to an office network for remote printing, scanning or faxing documents. These types of copiers can also be digital or multifunctional.

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