Professional Load Management System


Being a supplier of large-scale construction and agricultural materials can become stressful as you may see money being wasted by the bucket load! Or maybe you are even unaware of how much material you are losing each day. What if we told you that there was a more accurate and cost-effective way to keep track of your materials and in return limit wastage?

Organic Material Supply Problems

Why is it so difficult to accurately measure organic material loads?

  • It retains moisture
  • It compresses during loading
  • It settles during transit
  • Every load can differ
  • Human error can affect accuracy
  • You are using the same methods of material measurement that have been used for years

Load Volume Scanning

With Loadscan technology, you are using the most modern and sophisticated measurement equipment.  Loadscan can accurately measure material using 3D radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors which then reports each measurement to a central system in your office. Reports can be accessed remotely and at your convenience.

There are many benefits of modernising your customer supply volumes:

  • Accurately measure material by true volume
  • Eliminate arguments oversupply volumes
  • Analyse moisture content
  • Improve your bottom line
  • It’s low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides full 3D pictures of your material movement
  • Real-time insightful data delivered to your device

Read more here about a case study showing the benefits of Load volume scanning organic material.

How Does Load Scanning Work?

RFID sensors are fitted to all your trucks and trailers. As the trucks drive under a scanning head special load management software will analyse the material and create a 3D profile which includes accurate volumetric measurements. It is a completely automated, non-contact and speedy process that can improve many aspects of your day to day material movements, such as:

  • Precisely monitor incoming supplies
  • Doing away with load dockets and bucket counting
  • Providing a faster and easier drive through scan system over tradition weight station systems
  • Improved customer service will keep customers coming back
  • Greater competitiveness by offering guaranteed volumes

Modernised Material Logistics

Traditional methods have always been inaccurate and easily manipulated, abused or misunderstood. Traditional methods such as the ones listed below have meant you literally have been losing money by the bucket load!

  • Weigh stations
  • Bucket counts
  • Manual lever and measure
  • Truck counting

Weighbridge installations are extremely expensive and require a lot of continuous service and calibration. Loadscan is a touchless system that reduces service and installation costs. You can do away with human error and dated counting techniques as the automated system will capture all the data you require, printing accurate docking slips automatically meaning staff and customers are not questioning one another and your lead operators are free to continue their jobs.

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