Discrimination at the Workplace


Discrimination at the workplace is nothing new to us. Employees at various levels, belonging to various industries are being discriminated in their respective work sphere. If you are reading this article now, someone somewhere is being discriminated at their workplace. It is not a common issue but an easily negligible one. There are laws, rules and regulations under which discrimination at the workplace is an offense. Even after this, many employees are being discriminated at their respective workplace. The reason behind this is that most employees don’t know how to stand against this offense.

There are multiple legal agencies who work on such cases. If you are facing discrimination at your workplace then don’t hesitate to file a legal complaint. You can also consult agencies and attorneys who can take up your case. Cases of discrimination at work are very common in most countries across the globe. You can easily file a case to protect your identity and the employer cannot harm you if you do so. Once a case is filed, the employer is legally prohibited to indulge in any act of retaliation. Here is a description of the process you need to go through for such cases.

  • When to File a Discrimination Claim

Cases of discrimination at your workplace should be filed within 6 months or 180 days from the date of the incident. Once this span of time is covered, the incident is no more valid for legal procedures. If the charges you are filing falls under the local law, then the time period extends up to 300 days or 10 months. To file the case, you need a legal advisor or lawyer who will represent you in the courtroom. The sooner you file the case, the earlier investigations will take place.

  • What Information to Provide

In such cases, there is a lot of information required. You need to provide your name, residential address, contact number, etc. You also need to provide information about your employee and have to describe the incident in detail. Availing documentations of the incident such as emails or memos will strengthen the case. You must provide the place, time and date of the incident. If there is an eyewitness then that person’s details, etc. All these details will help you to file a case against the employer.

  • After the Discrimination Claim Is Filed

Once the case is ready, you need to file the case. Follow the legal procedures to file the case. After filing, there will be an investigation launched on the basis of the information provided in the file. Depending on the importance of the case, there will be actions taken against your employer. The case will move on through thorough investigation and evidence. If the case happens to be weak, then you can face the consequences of illegal discriminatory practices.

  • Resolving a Discrimination Claim

If the occurrence of the discrimination at work incident is proved through investigation then you are likely to get compensation. This compensation can be anything such as promotion, front pay, hiring, back pay, resuming at your job, or any other form of compensation. You can also sue your employer if you want to.

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