Top Tips for Cold Chain Shipping


Cold chain shipping is an essential means of transporting goods which positively have to be moved in an environment that will not spoil the product. If certain goods become too warm or humid they can quickly deteriorate.

This is why pallet in pallet shipping is the only solution for moving certain products which demand this level of environmental care. There are certain industries that have to comply with moving its cargo in an environmentally safe manner.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences are two industries that produce temperature-controlled products. Vaccines and biological matter (live cells) demand a carefully controlled method of transportation.

Not only is it essential that these products are moved at a certain temperature but in a delicate way too. This method of transport is well known to businesses like SoftBox – as it is recognised in the industry for delicate shipping processes for up to 120 hours.

Pallet Shippers

Pallet shippers are ideal for large consignments. This transportation method has incredible impact and most businesses take the quality very much for granted. Pallet shippers are very cost-effective and designed in such a way as to maximise the space used on transportation vehicles.

There is so more portability in this method that labour and handling are kept to an absolute minimum.

Pallet Covers

Also known as thermal covers it is a service which protects consignments against any big change in temperature. It provides protection from heat and cold. Moreover, it can protect against the harmful air moistures, dust, rain and even wind.

Pallet covers also protect the goods against temperature spikes, so often seen in the loading bays, when goods come on or off the back of vehicles.

Reusable Parcel Shippers

Softbox has a wide range of reusable parcel shippers. These answer many of the challenges put down by industries demanding temperature-controlled logistics. The trick is: thermal packaging material is used.

Reusable parcel shippers is a great way in which industry can limit the carbon footprint. Furthermore, it limits the cost of disposal and the time-consuming way it takes packing staff to dismantle and destroy parcel shipping materials.

Customised Shipping Systems

The first step in producing customised shipping solutions is to determine the temperature requirements. Then a customised packaging solution takes place. The product is tested and developed before being offered to the customer.

Cold chain shipping has to be spot on to avoid the damage the product might be exposed to.

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