Do You Need a Guard for Your Business?


If you have contacted a security business for your company’s security needs, you already know that you should have a sound and stable security system in place. You have probably performed a risk assessment to customize your company’s needs for protection in Thailand.

That is why you need to work with a security company in Thailand that offers more than guard manning services. You also need a company that is well versed in today’s security technology – a company that you can count on to make your customers and employees feel safe.

Making the Workplace Safe and Secure

One reason for employee turnover is a feeling of concern about security. If you don’t have your facility manned by guards or convey a protective presence, you can run into problems with respect to your company’s vulnerability. The last thing you want is to promote theft or vandalism – directed toward your business.

That is why you need to learn more about security services by guard companies that also focus on other forms of protection. By integrating technology in a manned guard service offering, you can get the response you need when you suspect trespassing or another threat.

For example, manned guard services that offer this type of integration offer electronic security in the form of an alarm and monitoring system. Access control allows you to find out who is entering and accessing your property. This type of security feature offers a first line of defense against any unauthorized intrusion or trespassing.

Another innovative security feature today are facial recognition systems. This type of electronic security update offers an efficient identification and tacking of whitelisted and blacklisted people along with VIP guests. In addition, security technology features license plate recognition systems. Using this type of security model allows companies to better manage a parking facility.

How Video Analytics Can Be Used to Secure Your Business

Another technology that deserves notice is video analytics. This type of security protocol allows companies and guards to reduce the time for investigation of a suspicious activity. The equipment that is used provides record-keeping abilities for any activities that are deemed to be crimes or threats. A subtechnology involves retail analytics – one that determines shopping behaviors to optimize spending habits and overall shopping experiences.

If you choose to use robotic solutions for security, you can have robots patrol an area. This type of surveillance can be done remotely. Robots may also be used to detect temperatures and gases in locales where humans are at risk.

Because the risks of cyber threats have increased, guard services in Thailand also have focused on establishing cyber security in the security field. Indeed, sabotage is a real concern for businesses. That is why it is important to monitor all the tools criminals can use to compromise a computer system. At the same time, the guard company can assess the potential risks for customers.

Whether you need a guard at your workplace or you wish to use one or more security technologies, you should go to one company in Thailand. Make sure you are well-protected by going to one go-to source for all your company’s security needs.

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