Driving laws and convictions


The traffic laws of today are many, resulting in a sharp increase of convictions, as police enforcement reaches new levels. Technology has allowed the authorities to carefully monitor traffic speed, and issue fines for many infringements. The volume of traffic is constantly rising, and this means more efficient law enforcement. Many people do not intend to break the law, we may park in the wrong place, or go a little faster than we thought, yet these actions will very likely result in receiving a ticket, or worse.

The Highway Code

This is the driver’s bible, so should be read and thoroughly digested, before preparing to enter the realm of driving. The driving test includes a comprehensive, written examination on The Highway Code, and the rules are many. Yet they will also help you to negotiate the realities of driving on today’s roads, and provide you with the knowledge to build on good driving practices.

Traffic police

The police traffic division is trained in the use of a variety of systems that monitor traffic, and are very keen to enforce the law. This means a driver must be ware of more than just other vehicles, signs can be missed, or misunderstood, and this can lead to a fine. In the event of being charged with a motoring offence, it is advisable to contact a good motor lawyer, who will take charge of your case, and help you to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The police force are not just there to arrest people, they provide good advice to motorists, facilitating a smooth flow of traffic during busy periods.


Things to watch out for when driving

Speed limits must be adhered to at all times, with different zones having their own speed restrictions. Bus and bicycle lanes should be kept clear, and pedestrian crossings need special attention from the motorist. Incorrect parking may lead to a ticket from a traffic warden, a local council official who is empowered to issue parking tickets.

Legal proceedings

The law courts are full of motoring cases, as many careless motorists will confirm. In this case, the services of a good motor lawyer can prove invaluable, taking the stress out of an unpleasant experience. Very often, the defendant does not need to be present, by giving your lawyer power of attorney; this allows you to be excused from attending the hearing.

Professional representation

Dealing with legal matters can be a little overwhelming at the best of times. The legal jargon can be hard to comprehend, especially when you are the defendant. All in all, it is a stressful situation, and using a qualified lawyer will not only ensure you receive justice, your sentence will likely be lighter. Your solicitor will advise you on every aspect, of the proceedings. He or she will skillfully present your circumstances in a way that the layman could never do. With wide ranging sentence options, judges and magistrates can be swayed by a good lawyer, greatly reducing the sentence. The courtroom is no place for amateurs, and definitely not a time to legally represent oneself. The cost is too high.

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