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Tourism has become a multi billion industry creating thousands of jobs around the world, despite the economic meltdown of the last years.

Chinese tourism boom has helped to increase this growth, making Chinese tourists coveted in almost every single destination and specially in cities hosting luxury brands and boutiques.

But Chinese tourists are not the only ones who love to go shopping when travelling, according to Business Insider, Russians, Americans and Germans are among the biggest tourists expenders in the world, and tour operators want to get a piece of that huge cake.

In cities like Barcelona for example, there is a complete infrastructure of services around shopping tourism and tour operators like Barcelona Guide Bureau include in their packages special shopping + tourism experiences that include visits to one landmark plus an evening of shopping, usually in exclusive luxury malls.

According to CNN Traveler on a piece regarding shopping cities, Barcelona is  one of the most popular cities in the world for doing shopping, and has become a frequented city by Chinese and Russian tourists.

This huge business has become in countries like Greece or Spain the salvation for their economies, that has been growing dependent of this industry in the past financial crisis years.

Here are some of the top destinations that are attracting tourists to their shopping districts every year:

  • Barcelona: like we mentioned before, the city has develop an entire industry around shopping tourism and is today one of the most wanted destinations in the world for doing shopping.
  • Hong Kong: the city, usually packed with stores, offers also chic options for fashion lovers and for those looking for trendy retail stores.
  • San Francisco: the “Flower-Power” city offers more than Height Ashbury, Castro and Golden Gate bridge; you can find nice indie boutiques and hipster brands that will make you look like a Silicon Valley Tycoon.
  • Madrid: Salamanca neighborhood has become the shopping district of the city featuring an exclusive luxury and designer brands.
  • Rome: another European classic, the Italian capital features famous stores and brands in the famous Via del Corso, but you can also find some indie stores and independent handcrafts that will surprise you with exquisite creations.
  • Istanbul: the Grand Bazaar couldn´t be out of this list and is a must – visit spot in this city, if you are trying to find something more unique try to explore around Galata neighborhood that offers good alternatives and independent designers.

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