Essential Services for the Small Builder


The construction industry is very much a benchmark for the economy, and when things are on the up and up, people build, while things slow down during a depression. One can clearly see that the economy is healthy today, just by looking at the many construction projects on the go. The small builder is constantly battling against the weather, and with some careful resource planning, he would be able to run 2 or perhaps 3 projects simultaneously. Manpower is always an issue, and outsourcing would be the best solution when extra labour is needed, yet the small builder would likely have at least one team, which would comprise of a few skilled tradesmen and some labourers.

Heavy Equipment

There are many time saving machines and tractor attachments that a small builder might use, and if your UK based building business is booming, Beckside Machinery are the people to contact, as they have an extensive range of new and used tractors, excavators and other essential plant for the construction industry. A small builder would have one multi-purpose machine, such as a JCB, and with a skilled operator, this team would be responsible for all the ground clearance and sub-ground level work. Hiring plant is an option, but if it is a machine that is used on a daily basis, it makes financial sense to buy and directly employ the operator. If you added up the hire charges over a few years, that amount could have purchased a new machine, so investing is a smarter option than renting.

Human Resources

The typical builder would only directly employ certain key members of the team, and his foreman would be the kingpin, ensuring that the project schedules are met, while any extra manpower would be outsourced to a recruitment company, who could supply any tradesman at a minute’s notice. Labourers would regularly be needed, if only for a few days, and with careful advanced planning, lack of manpower would not be an issue.


Any construction company would have to forge an alliance with a reliable local builder’s merchant. This would ensure that all necessary materials would be delivered to the site when requested. An established builder’s merchant would have a fleet of lorries to deliver, and these would have a hydraulic arm for easy unloading. Here are just a few of the essential items a builder might need:

  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Steel rebar
  • Nails and screws
  • Plasterboard
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Roofing tiles

The builder’s merchant would also stock an extensive list of tools, both hand and power, which the builder would require from time to time. Usually, the builder would have a working agreement with the supplier, which might include extending a line of credit, and without this essential supplier, all the projects would grind to a halt.

Managing several projects at the same time requires outsourcing, and timing is essential, with the goal of staying on schedule and to budget.

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