Packaging: What You Need to Know

Are you releasing a new product or just starting up a business and thinking of how you can market your product? Well then you need to think about the packaging. The packaging of your product has to be one of the most important things. Why is this? Well it is what people first see when looking at a variety of the same products, so the packaging has to be good in order to compete with other similar products.

So why is so important about having good packaging?

Your product needs to stand out to your target audience, this will draw people in and help them choose your product over someone else’s. Another reason why it is important to have packaging is that it can be recognised, for example when the Coca-Cola packaging is seen, people instantly know what brand it belongs do. Therefore, packaging is also all about brand awareness.

Things to Think About with Your Packaging

Because packaging is so important there are many things which you need to think about. One of the main things is who your target audience is, you will have to create a packaging which will attract them. For example, if you’re aiming your product at kids, bright, mainly primary colours will be the best option for you – and if the packaging is said to have writing on, make it big, bold and very little amount.

With packaging another thing, you think about is shrink wrapping, this is one of the top forms of packaging and has been for many years…

What is Shrink Wrapping?

This is where film is shrunk tightly onto a product. This is often used for food however, can be found on other things like clothes, toys and drinks.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping?

There are many benefits of shrink wrapping, and that is why it is so popular among many. One of the main benefits of shrink wrapping is protection. The product isn’t only protected from getting damaged during transit, handling and storage but also the film stops moisture, dust and any other contamination from getting in – keeping the product fresh. Shrink wrapping machines are extremely cost-effective and are used by many especially in warehouses. Another benefit of shrink wrapping is that your product looks more presentable and of a higher quality, which therefore encourages people to buy. If you’re interested in shrink wrapping and other packaging machinery visit the well-respected:

What Can You Shrink Wrap?

You can basically shrink wrap anything, some of the most common things which are shrink wrapped are food such as cheese to ensure they keep fresh. However, bottles and tins are also shrink wrapped this is mainly to ensure they’re kept together and can be sold in bundles. As you can probably tell a lot of things can be shrink wrapped, which ties into the news which featured a man shrink wrapping his house to increase the value of his home.

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