ETX Capital: Financial Spread Betting Can’t Get Better than this


Financial spread betting is fast gaining momentum and not without reasons. One of the most notable merits of this form of trading is that the profits generated by it are tax free in the UK. Plus, there is a huge scope to earn big even with a small investment.

Financial Spread Betting with ETX Capital

There is no dearth of spread betting service providers in the UK and the leading among them is ETX Capital. ETX Capital offers spread betting platform where you can trade Forex along with other commodities. Today, we will be discussing how this particular financial services provider has facilitated spread betting in the UK in a major way- but not before explaining a few factors that you should keep in view while executing your spreads.

You need to remember that just as a small initial deposit allows you to win big you can even go on to make significant losses if the market does not move in favor of your bets. Don’t forget that high leverage is a double edged sword which might lure ambitious traders to increase their trading size with their success but a single move can result in big losses as well. As such, it is important to use Stop Losses wisely. At times, stop losses might turn out to be frustrating when you have to stop out at the low of the move. However, it can even save you from significant losses (even up to 20% on a single trade). There is no dearth of traders who have actually lost money because of not using stop losses.

Benefits of spread betting with ETX Capital

Now, coming back to ETX Capital and its spread betting facilities- there are not one but several advantages of trading with them.

You can choose from several markets that include commodities, currencies and equities. Their services are backed by three different platforms including ETX MT4, ETX TraderPro and ETX Binary. The advantage of selecting a broker offering several trading platforms is that the trader has due liberty to choose something which complies with his trading style. It is not really easy to select the best platform unless you are actually trying out different platforms to find out which one you are most comfortable trading with.

ETA has a great team backing its credentials. Its Multilingual Customer Service team can bail you out of your queries efficiently. It also has several awards to its credit including Broker with the Best Online Charts – Money AM (2012) and Best Value for Money (2011).

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