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Illness Should Not Take Over Your Life

Unfortunately, you came down with a serious illness, a terminal illness, or a sudden, permanent disability. Rather than allow such an occurrence to take your life away from you, make a serious illness or disability claim and reclaim the life you used to lead. First, you must reach out to and communicate with your insurance advisor. These trained, professional men and women dedicate their time and patience to you as they walk you through the various steps of your claim.

Before you can do anything else, you must complete and turn in a claim form known as the Serious Illness Claim Form. You or the loved one making the claim must fill this out before any further action can be taken. If you lost or misplaced your lost policy document, you must then complete and turn in a Lost Policy Declaration. Without your original policy document or a replaced policy document, you cannot go further with your claim. Finally, you must find and provide your birth certificate, and your original marriage certificate if you were married. The latter is only required if you are a married woman with a different surname than what is stated on your birth certificate.

The second and third steps require less work on your part, as your medical reports and documentations are sent to the Chief Medical Officer. Once benefits are approved, they will be paid to the assignee unless written instructions were included detailing that the benefits must be paid to the policy owner. Only in extenuating circumstances will you be required to undergo further medical assessment.

Reasons to Make this Claim

Claiming for serious illness benefits saved thousands of people from bankruptcy last year alone, and you deserve the same protection from financial ruin. This specialised insurance is given to you in the form of a lump sum, tax-free payment in order to help you pay for your medical treatments. For the sake of clarity, take a moment to consider what a serious illness might actually be and whether your illness qualifies. The primary illnesses under this definition are cancer, heart attack, and stroke, but other conditions, such as angioplasty, kidney or renal failure, or paralysis may also be covered. Over time, serious illness can reduce your annual income by thousands of pounds as you pay for repeated treatments, tests, and doctor visits. Rather than allow this to continue, you must consider this life-altering solution.

Why Was It Created?

The easiest way to explain why serious illness benefits were created is to point out the serious financial burden of prolonged illnesses. Financial devastation is felt by millions of ill people, their families, and even those outside of their families. Even those with health insurance can find themselves having financial struggles if their policies do not cover the whole of their medical needs. In order to provide necessary money at a time it is most needed, serious illness policies were created and offered to the ailing public for their continued peace of mind and comfort in life.

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