Every Important Detail Covered with Portable Toilet Hire


There’s a lot more to providing portable facilities for events and gatherings than just having a couple of units standing off to one side of the grounds. Of course, this is one of the choices that you have when you work with a reliable provider of outdoor toilet units. But you have a full range of options including catering sinks, hand-wash stations, showers, and much more.

Today, when you begin planning for your event, you have access to the best in corporate event bathroom and portable toilet hire in Melbourne. This is the source for units that will provide dependable service for events of all types so your clients and guests experience all the comfort that they expect and deserve.

Extensive Inventory

Your options include hydration stations and water tanks, showers, accessible facilities, and a complete array of portable toilets: standard duo, corporate duo, unisex, deluxe, five-star, six-star, and accessible units. If you require the special assistance of bathroom attendants, you can arrange for these individuals to be on site to keep units clean and restocked as your event takes place.

When you talk to a representative, ask about services including upgrades in bathroom consumables such as soap and cloth hand towels. Every effort is made to minimise the impact on your venue and on the environment, with the provider using decades of experience in this special sector to achieve this goal. Adjustments and updates are consistently implemented to make sure that you have environmentally-friendly units and to save time and effort on product use and transport.

After an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, personnel will inspect the venue to ensure smooth access for delivery and removal. These individuals will work closely with your event planners, who are always an integral part of the planning process. All units are designed to significantly reduce water usage, an important element for events of all sizes. Toilet blocks feature spring-loaded return taps to minimise water usage. In addition to saving water, this feature reduces truck visits and diesel consumption because fewer pump-outs are required.

Additional Benefits

When you make your arrangements with one of the leading suppliers of quality portable facilities, you can also depend on minimised odour issues in waste tanks. This is accomplished through the use of a product that does not have an adverse effect on septic systems or sewer systems. Toilet paper supplied with toilet blocks will be a recycled product whenever possible.

As you consult with a member of the staff, request your quote and ask for a no-obligation site visit. The representative will answer your questions about delivery and pickup, where water connections are located, and any other details or concerns that you may have. When you need to make these important arrangements, why not work with the best?


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