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Building up a solid Instagram following is a significant way to increase your audience or customer base for today’s marketing strategies. Some of the world’s most famous brands and successful influencers have a huge number of followers that are used through social media platforms to take a particular action on behalf of the company or person. Here is a look at some of the best Instagram tools that are being mobilized to increase audiences and improve sales to enhance your business account.


This web-based software platform is extremely useful for effortlessly scheduling Instagram posts from your computer. Its functions make it ideal for those who have fantastic content that is “stuck” in a computer and isn’t quickly accessible on a tablet or smartphone. It also allows you to create an editorial strategy by scheduling posts, comments and captions in advance, and it can be implemented easily by a professional web development company in London.


As a social media platform that relies on highly visual content, anything that can help you create amazing visual posts on Instagram is a huge advantage, no matter what skill level you possess. VSCO gives power to Instagrammers to edit videos and images so they’re made to look professional and can be done on either iOS or Android devices.


If you need to find a way to increase your followers, drive online sales or collect customer leads, using Woolbox can help any brand regardless of size. It is estimated that 70 percent of the larger brands use gamification incorporated into their marketing strategy, so Woolbox’s creation of social media contests to help promote your brand can only be beneficial. A professional web development company in London or elsewhere can advise on this approach.


Although still in its early stages of development, Ink361 is presently free for users, which makes for an even better tool for Instgrammers who are new to the marketing aspects of branding on this platform. It allows you measure performance, manage your content and keep an eye on your competitors, all in one tool.

Instagram has quickly become a crucial marketing channel. With approximately 800 million users a month, it’s worth investing your time to maximise those tools available to help increase your sales and improve brand awareness for your business.

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