Extend your Business Space with a Canopy Patio

If you run a company in the UK, you would no doubt like some extra space, somewhere for clients or employees to shelter from the weather, and this can be achieved with a bespoke canopy patio. Tailored solutions extend the sheltered area adjacent to your premises, and with a range of design options, you can make some aesthetic improvements at the same time. The entrance area is often overlooked, and with bespoke creations using a range of materials, one can design and build screening that makes that area comfortable for visitors as they arrive and depart.

Summer Bonuses

With both ends open, the canopy terrace provides a very comfortable area, and frees up valuable office space, of which you never have enough. There would be no need for climate control with an open ended canopy area, and with the right furniture, it makes for an attractive reception area. There are companies that specialise in this type of screening, and if you are looking for a commercial canopy in Manchester or Liverpool, a location based search will lead you to an established contractor.

Maintenance Free

The inclement British weather demands a durable and maintenance free design and using a range of composites, one can create a structure that will stand the test of time and require no regular attention. Glass and uPVC offer an attractive balance, then there’s stainless steel or even brushed aluminium, which means any existing style can be accommodated.

Covered Walkways

These are essential for many business premises, and with custom made designs, one can create the ideal area that is not only functional, but looks good too. There is no limit to what you can achieve design wise, and with the supplier’s expert advice to help you, the exterior of your business premises will offer many benefits.

Smoking Shelter

Many companies designate an outdoor area for smoking, and a canopy design is ideal, as it provides shelter from the wind and rain, and no matter the size or shape, a customised design can be incorporated to provide a perfect smoking zone. Whatever you screening and shelter requirements, an established local contractor would be able to make some design suggestions, to make best use of the available space.

Clear Roofing

Using composite materials, one can have a transparent panels, allowing the natural light to come through, and with both ends open, or one connecting to the building, you have a comfortable area for people to wait. The range of materials allows unlimited design options, and with bespoke creations, there really isn’t anything that cannot be achieved, and if you would like to explore the options for elegant outdoor covering, an online search will put you in touch with an established company that supply and install awnings and exterior screening.

The exterior area is often overlooked, and with the cost of construction so high, many business owners are reluctant to invest heavily in a bricks and mortar structure. Modern composite materials make for an affordable solution, and with an established company in tour corner, the end result will be sure to please.

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