Guide to Starting a Digital Signage Marketing Campaign for Your Business


If you have your own business, there are so many ways in which you can innovate and come up with ideas which are suitable for making your business catchy and one of a kind. When you set up your own store or restaurant, there are several aspects of it that you need to take into consideration for ensuring its success. Promotion is a vital part of the business no doubt, but the aesthetics of the place should also be taken into account so that people love the ambiance and keep coming back. Particularly in the business of restaurant and bars, this is an essential factor that you must take into consideration in order to hold the attention of your clients. There are several ways in which you can do this. You can create a theme restaurant or simply add props like the digital signage that adds to the glory and practical at the same time.

  • Factors to consider in setting up a new business

If you are coming up with your own brand new startup in the hotel and restaurant business, one of the most crucial factors that you must keep in mind is the aesthetics of the place and the quality of the food and beverages that you are serving. There are different types of digital signages which you can use as well to add to the beauty of the place and rest assured that the overall cost would be less but it can alter the entire look of the site in no time. Here are specific factors and ideas for you that you can keep in mind while investing in digital signage and make the choices accordingly. There are various types of digital signage which are available, and you can find a perfect one from the professionals.

  • Purpose of the signage

Digital signage can be used for highlighting the name of your bar or café or restaurant and at the same time as a menu board. Before you invest in the digital signage, it is crucial to determine the purpose of the board which you are spending on. The type of design for the board varies depending on its intended usage. Hence it is vital that you be clear about your needs to get the right type of signage. There are different agencies which have many different choices, and while some have every kind of digital signage, others specialize in specific categories. So it is essential to determine the purpose for the signage so that you can select a professional company for providing you the service accordingly.

  • Themed signage

Is your restaurant based on a certain theme? Now a day, there are restaurants and bars and cafes which are based on themes, and hence the entire décor along with the signage has to be custom made accordingly to complement each other. If you are looking for such customized service, then it is essential that you have a clear concept of what exactly you are looking for. Consulting the professionals too would help but when you have a certain thing in mind, the entire décor is more personalized, and your new restaurant would look perfect with a personal touch. Themed signage is a matter of time and proper communication between the client and the agency hence you must plan this early.

The size of the signage, the position of the signage where it is to be displayed in the restaurant is certain factors that must be taken into consideration before designing the signage.

  • The positioning of the signage

There are different things which are to be taken into consideration while adding a digital signage or menu board to our restaurant and one major factor is the position of the board. It can be hung high from the ceiling or displayed at one side of the restaurant, but the main criteria should be that it is well visible from any part of the restaurant. The position is vital for both the aesthetic purpose as well as the view. It is essential that your customers can view the menu board easily from their respective seats which are the primary purpose of the digital signage. It is a decision that should be taken with care and proper understanding of the floor plan. While you can always change the position of the signage even after it is installed, that is a tedious work and hence taking the right decision at the very beginning is the best idea.

  • The backlight

The color of the light that is used for the digital signage should also be contemplated on. The light should be complementary with the overall décor of the place but at the same time should be bright enough so that the customers do not have any trouble while reading the menu before they order. It should not be harsh on the eyes, and these are some of the issues regarding the lighting that you must take note of.


Restaurant, cafes, bars and similar business depends mainly on the quality and the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the place. With the help of the digital signage, you can add to the aesthetics as well as the practical need of the area. It can be rightly concluded that the digital signage is essential and with innovative and creative ideas about how to use it, you can ensure that your restaurant has the perfect décor much of which is enhanced by the signage that you use. The color of the backlight, the overall design, the size of the signage and the position altogether determine the appeal of the signage for you.

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