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Foundation and Masonry Repair Services in Ottawa

Regardless of how it was designed, your building may experience foundation, masonry and water filtration problems at some point. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in offering world-class solutions to weather corrosion, water infiltration or structural problems. These may include foundation restoration, parging, window-well excavation, urethane and epoxy injections, masonry repairs and restorations, water-proofing, sump pits and weeping tiles, among others.

Foundation and Masonry Repair Services

If you are in the city of Ottawa, you can get reliable foundation contractors that offer great foundation and masonry repair services. Their aim is to offer excellent solutions and show you important steps that will help you to resolve any kind of water infiltration, masonry or foundation problems you might encounter at your home. The contractors always try to meet and even surpass industry standards by providing some of the best products on the market.

Moreover, they are always available to provide timely response and assistance either on site or over the phone. Furthermore, their repairs normally include a 20-year leakage guarantee. The dedicated experts are always committed to doing whatever is required to keep the home sheltered from unwanted corrosion and extreme weather. If you are looking for the best foundation contractor in Ottawa, these companies can assist you. Some of their foundation and masonry repair services include:

  1. Weeping Tile Installation

Drainage or weeping tiles normally take water from the areas around the footing of the foundation to another discharge source like the sump pump or storm connection. Before commencing to work on any project, the contractors will check the existing weeping tiles in order to make sure there is proper drainage.

  1. Waterproofing

The specialists normally use the platon membrane which uses air-gap technology. This provides an air space behind the membrane so as to relieve soil pressure, as well as minimize the humidity on the foundation walls. The installation of the membrane will stop the water from entering your home by directing it to a weeping tile.

  1. Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is mostly used for foundation crack repairs. Here, the product will expand with water and then fill with the crack or void, hence stopping water infiltration. This process is mainly done inside the house.

  1. Parging

Parging work is normally done for cosmetic reasons, though it can act as a weather-shield. It is done above ground level, and remember that a wire mesh might be required for deteriorating or damaged areas before parging.

  1. Sump Pump Pit

Sump pump pits normally serve the purpose of draining the water that enters from underneath the basement floor and sometimes from the weeping tiles.

Other foundation repairs and masonry solutions that are offered by these companies include: injection plate and window well installation, repair and servicing. The specialists will take care of the home’s humidity, air quality and moisture problems. For instance, their dehumidifiers normally help in improving air quality, and have unique systems, such as the humidity control system, which does not need excessive duct-work and eliminates musty odours, while reducing window condensation.

Moreover, the systems also use very little electricity, which helps in reducing energy costs. If you are looking for the best foundation contractor in Ottawa to handle your foundation, masonry and water filtration issues, these companies have whatever you need.

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