Getting Parcels to Australian Customers


Small business owners who are settled and doing well in the UK might look to expand to some further shores. Australia is home to more than 1,2 million British citizens1. With the cheapest courier to Australia, business across the Indian Ocean is as easy as saying “G’day Mate”! Courier Point makes it really easy to access the World Bank’s 10th easiest place to do business. Australia has had phenomenal and consistent growth over the past 24 years and is already trading partner with more than 1,000 businesses from the UK1.

Feels Like Home

Since Australia is also an English speaking country, you don’t need labels in different languages or translators to sell your products. Sending products from the UK, cheap international shipping to Australia could make you feel like you are just sending something to the village down the road. When starting your dealings with Australian consumers, you will recognise many of the service providers and products from back home in the UK. A lot of the same technical standards also apply to Australian produce, so you should fit right in. For the perfect courier solution, visit here and become part of the Brits’ second home.

The Boat to China

The country down under could also be your foot in to the fast-growing Asian consumer market. Australia might seem at the end of the Earth on a world map, but it is actually closer than any of the other Western countries to the Asia Pacific client base. When sending your products with Courierpoint, you are benefitting from the trading routes and cultural ties already in existence between Asia and Australia.

A Vigorous Economy

Australia has proven itself as a robust economy and has been rising consistently for a couple of decades. Using Courier Point, the cheapest courier to Australia, you are becoming part of a strong business and customer region. You don’t have to worry about risking your intellectual property or patent since Australia is very serious about intellectual property protection. The business culture you will be stepping into is very similar to back home, so you don’t have to feel anxious about meeting your new customers.

Getting Parcels Across the Border

Every parcel you send to Australia, except parcels containing only documents; need to be accompanied by a customs invoice. Without this invoice, your parcel will be sent right back, and you will need to settle the re-shipping fees. Don’t appeal to the courier if you see taxes and duties levied on your goods. The Australian authorities impose these charges after assessing the value of an item. Complete the invoice carefully to insure a smooth delivery. You will need the delivery and collection address and should give a full description of all the items being shipped. Lastly, you need to write down the value of each item as well as the value of the total consignment.

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