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If you have ever thought about sprucing up your office space, now should be the time to actually do it, because it turns out that spending a bit more on your workspace might actually lead to happier employees. Sometimes a simple freshening-up of things is all it takes to lighten the mood at an office, and happier employees have been proven to be more productive. In fact, they take fewer sick days and are much more productive on a day-to-day basis, helping to improve your bottom line. With this in mind, here are a few great ideas to help you rejuvenate and invigorate up your work environment.

A Lick of Paint

Firstly, you may want to think about redecorating your office space to create a more upbeat and encouraging workplace. Not everything in a workplace has to be white or off-white. Choosing a brighter, more contemporary colour scheme can not only help brighten the room, but it can make employees feel as if they are walking into a homely environment instead of work. In turn, this will make them more comfortable, spurring them to work just a little bit harder. A new paint job can be all you need to help motivate people in the workplace.


Of course, if you are going to redecorate the office then you may also want to think about replacing the furniture to match as well. Modern and contemporary office furniture offers style along with comfort for employees. Choosing more ergonomic furniture will help solve back and neck stiffness in the workplace, and thus improve overall health. Ergonomic office furniture helps to promote good posture, and can prevent common issues such as lower back problems, carpal tunnel, and similar ailments.

Health Checks

If you are interested in the health of your employees (and of course you should be), then you may want to get hold of a Health Kiosk as part of your office conversion. A health kiosk will not take up much space in a reasonably sized office, and is a great addition to any break-room or any other public area that can be accessed by all staff members. The health kiosk will help employees track their weight, BMI, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, body fat, and more, to make sure that they stay fit and well. By providing employees with this easy health checking station, they can catch problems before they arise so that their overall health remains good, and your office runs smoothly. The end result will be harder workers that take less sick days.

Wide Open Spaces

Finally, if you really want to encourage happy employees then you may want to consider an open space layout within your current office space. Studies have proven that employees work better when there is an open exchange of knowledge and ideas. An open office space encourages employees to share ideas compared to the traditional cubicle style. By allowing employees to bounce ideas off each other, they end up feeling valued while at work, as well as potentially coming up with some fresh and interesting thoughts! Once again, this simple element is enough to make people feel happier in their workplace – and that’s good for everyone.


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